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We are an approved service vendor for Blue Ridge Academy & Epic Charter Schools

Welcome to the Arise & Shine Center! We provide heart-based education to help kids become life champions!

🍂 Fall 2023 SCHEDULE

Tuesday, September 5th - Thursday, December 21st
Check website for any updates or changes.

Bright Knights

2:00 - 5:00 pm

11.4 Topanga
11.11 Topanga
11.18 Topanga
12.2 Topanga
12.9 Topanga (Final)
12.16 Topanga (Ceremony)


Topanga State Park 
Trippet Ranch

ASC Mentoring

Times available in person and via Zoom.  All ASC Teachers are Arise Shine Center Teacher-Trained.  Needing social-emotional support or looking for life guidance for kids?  We can help!

Bright Knights

Wednesdays in Fall on Zoom;
email to sign-up and for the link
Starting Wednesday 9.6; In Cyber we battle the Soncaryans; problem-solve as a team and fly around Omnia to be helpers.  Soc-emo support provided.


4:30 - 5:30 pm PT

Bright Knights
other classes

Bright Knights classes run at GoldenStar in the South Bay, Realm in Santa Monica, and Sycamore in Malibu during the week.  We are looking at adding Sat. morning in Playa del Rey.  Stay tuned.

Bridge-Building w/ Kids Workshop

Saturday, December 2nd
9am - 12:00pm Pacific Time

Join Teacher Jimmy as we go over tips and tools for teachers and parents to have connection with kids.

Bright Knights

Sunday, October 29th

11a - 2p

The Archine Crystal Clash

Designed for the whole family.  Click the BK Halloween tab for more information.

To book your spot, click buttons or email
See prices and process below.

🌿 Sibling discounts are at 75% of any class

🌿 Bright Knights Adventure is $450/student for the whole 6-week session and $85/class for drop-in classes

🌿 Mentoring with Teacher Jimmy is $90/hr; $80/hr with other ASC teachers

🌿 Bright Knights Cyber online is $30/hr

🌿 ASC 'Bridge-Building with Kids Workshop' is $125 per participant

🌿 There are sometimes 'scholarships' that come through; if you are interested in giving or receiving please reach out



Send an email to Admin at

with your intended program(s) in the subject line or email body and any questions you have.


We will then send you the available dates and times for the program you want and you choose the one(s) that will best fit into your schedule!


You will then pay in advance for your dates and times to hold your spot. Payments can be made via Venmo, Cash, or Check


Then, show up for your program and send your kids off to enjoy the day to learn life skills, use their imagination and have a ton of fun! 

Meet The ASC Team



Jimmy Murn is the Founder and CEO of The Arise and Shine Center.  Jimmy created the Centering Curriculum based on perennial successes working with kids.  He specializes in social-emotional care.  His mission is to help as many kids as possible become Life Champions.  The launch of the Arise and Shine Center is part of what he sees as an emerging new and better education model.  Jimmy began meditating in 1999, working with kids in 2010, and started the business in 2017.  Arise Shine Center has been his sole focus since 2020.

IMG_2146 (1)_edited.jpg


Gaby, born and raised in New York City, has been working with children and families in the greater Los Angeles area for over four years. At the Arise & Shine Center, Gaby can be found doing anything from mentoring/tutoring one-on-one with a client, to co-teaching a group of Bright Knights students, to appearing as a character to support the immersive narratives told through Bright Knights Adventure. Currently majoring in Early Childhood Development at SMC, Gaby comes armed with 6+ years of professional experience with children spanning from infancy to late adolescence. She is board-certified Behavior Technician, specializing in one-one-one Applied Behavioral Analysis for children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder and related disorders. Gaby is dedicated to the careful art of nurturing a fun, safe and connected space for kids to be themselves and grow along the way!

Mr. G - Arise & Shine Staff.png

Mr. G

Josh Galitsky has a Master of Arts in Theatre Education and is a passionate, empowering, and empathetic teacher/coach. Josh creates safe, creative, and vibrant playgrounds using imagination, original story narrative, and unique character play to help guide children into confidently exploring their joys, strengths, and skills.


Josh says, “Nothing fulfills me more than helping children grow and explore through using their imaginations.”

unnamed (14).jpg


Erin is a board-certified Doctor of Audiology who specializes in working with children. She has been a practicing clinical audiologist in the greater Los Angeles area for over 15 years and recently started her own audiology consulting business. Erin grew up in Wisconsin and moved to Los Angeles to begin her career helping people to hear and communicate better in the world around them. She is also a professor at California State University Los Angeles mentoring doctoral level students and guiding them on their path to become grounded and compassionate audiologists. Erin has loved being around kids and caring for others since her babysitting days starting at age 8. For the past two years, she has been helping as a co-teacher in the world of Omnia with the Bright Knights and recently obtained her ASC Teacher Training certificate. 



Alberto Suarez is an educator and actor who is also involved behind the scenes in music & film production.  He likes to make time for volunteer work.  Born in Ecuador, he was raised in Los Angeles surrounded by a family of educators, musicians, and school administrators.  He has over 7 years experience working in the Los Angeles Public Unified School District (LAUSD) in various roles.  As a student and as a staff member in both public and private educational institutions, and as a member of Arise & Shine Center, he has built a broad perspective and unique skill set that makes him particularly equipped to foster connection, imagination, critical thinking, curiosity, and kindness.



Teacher Yvonne has an extensive teaching background in different settings.  Her heart-centered approach shines with kids.  More soon.

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Jimmy and Thomas from Private Tutoring Session with Arise & Shine! Program
Jimmy and Emma at a Private Tutoring Session with Arise & Shine! Program
Eli making Building Blocks during Arise & Shine's tutoring class
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