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We are an approved service vendor for Blue Ridge Academy & Epic Charter Schools

Welcome to the Arise & Shine Center! We provide heart-based education to help kids become life champions!

🌿 Spring 2023 SCHEDULE

ASC Spring semester = Tuesday, January 17th - Monday, June 5th
Spring Break = Saturday, April 1st - Tuesday, April 11th
Check website for any updates or changes.

Bright Knights

2:00 - 5:00 pm

4.8 Topanga
4.15 Topanga
4.22 Topanga
4.29 Topanga
5.6 Topanga (Final)
5.13 Topanga (Ceremony)


Bright Knights

Bright Knights

2:00 - 5:00 pm

2.19 Charmlee
2.26 Charmlee
3.5 Charmlee
3.12 Charmlee
3.19 Charmlee (Final)
3.26 Charmlee (Ceremony)

4:00 - 5:00 pm PT


Starting on
Thursday, January 19th, an hour online Thursdays in Spring

(In Person)


ASC Mentoring formerly Jimmy's Private Tutoring is offered in person or online and is unique to each student. We provides kids with life coaching, social emotional support, academically focused sessions, guitar lessons, you name it!  Book Jimmy on the above days, Gaby now available.


ASC Mentoring is offered over Zoom, and is unique to each student. We provide kids with life coaching, life skills, social emotional support, academically-focused sessions, and guitar / songwriting.

Gaby is now available to book.


To book your spot, click buttons or email
See prices and process below.

🌿 Bright Knights 6-week sessions are $450/session with $335 sibling discount

🌿 Bright Knights drop-in single classes are $80/class with $60 sibling discount

🌿 Mentoring with Jimmy is $85/hr, w/ other ASC teacher it is $80/hr

🌿 Bright Knights Cyber online is $30/hr



Send an email to Admin at

with your intended program(s) in the subject line or email body and any questions you have.


We will then send you the available dates and times for the program you want and you choose the one(s) that will best fit into your schedule!


You will then pay in advance for your dates and times to hold your spot. Payments can be made via Venmo, Cash, or Check


Then, show up for your program and send your kids off to enjoy the day to learn life skills, use their imagination and have a ton of fun! 

Meet The ASC Team



Jimmy Murn is the Founder and CEO of The Arise and Shine Center.  Jimmy created the Centering Curriculum based on perennial successes working with kids.  He specializes in social-emotional care.  His mission is to help as many kids as possible become Life Champions.  The launch of the Arise and Shine Center is part of what he sees as an emerging new and better education model.  Jimmy began meditating in 1999, working with kids in 2010, and started the business in 2017.  Arise Shine Center has been his sole focus since 2020.

IMG_2146 (1)_edited.jpg


Gaby, born and raised in New York City, has been working with children and families in the greater Los Angeles area for over four years. At the Arise & Shine Center, Gaby can be found doing anything from mentoring/tutoring one-on-one with a client, to co-teaching a group of Bright Knights students, to appearing as a character to support the immersive narratives told through Bright Knights Adventure. Currently majoring in Early Childhood Development at SMC, Gaby comes armed with 6+ years of professional experience with children spanning from infancy to late adolescence. She is board-certified Behavior Technician, specializing in one-one-one Applied Behavioral Analysis for children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder and related disorders. Gaby is dedicated to the careful art of nurturing a fun, safe and connected space for kids to be themselves and grow along the way!

Mr. G - Arise & Shine Staff.png

Mr. G

Josh Galitsky has a Master of Arts in Theatre Education and is a passionate, empowering, and empathetic teacher/coach. Josh creates safe, creative, and vibrant playgrounds using imagination, original story narrative, and unique character play to help guide children into confidently exploring their joys, strengths, and skills.


Josh says, “Nothing fulfills me more than helping children grow and explore through using their imaginations.”

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Jimmy and Thomas from Private Tutoring Session with Arise & Shine! Program
Jimmy and Emma at a Private Tutoring Session with Arise & Shine! Program
Eli making Building Blocks during Arise & Shine's tutoring class
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