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Welcome to the Arise & Shine Center.  We provide heart-based education and enrichment for kids.  We teach the whole person through our Centering Curriculum, designed to help kids become life champions!


Classes starting January 10th, 2021

Bright Knights

1:00 - 4:00 pm

Bright Knighs Adventure is a creative free play class that takes place in Santa Monica. Kids play their own characters and follow an exciting and rewarding story line though the world of Omnia!

Bright Knights

Bright Knights

1:00 - 4:00 pm

Bright Knights Malibu is a creative free play class that takes place in Malibu. The kids complete trials and solve mysteries in their own unique story line in the world of Omnia!

4:00 - 5:00 pm


Cyber brings together the knights of Adventure, Malibu and beyond! During Bright Knights Cyber, the kids complete side missions and continue to explore the vast universe of Omnia!



Jimmy's Private Tutoring is offered in person or online and is unique to each student. He provides kids with life coaching, social emotional support, academically focused sessions, guitar lessons, you name it!

Arise & Shine

The Arise & Shine Mindfulness Program is a 16 week guide for teachers, parents and their kids. Start each day off with mindfulness exercises, virtues, life lessons and engaging activities with Jimmy's Arise & Shine Curriculum!


To book your spot, please email Berklie at AriseShineOffice@gmail.com

Take a look at our booking process here.

Lukas at Play Pod
Bright Knights
Group Shot of Bright Knights
Mask Making at Arise & Shine Play Pod!
Showing off their Mask from Arise & Shine Play Pod!
Siren Playing Guitar
Group Photo of Guitar Class
Ruby's Mermaid Painting
The Arise & Shine's Mindfulness Class
Lucy Meditating During Arise & Shine's Program
Arise & Shine Tutoring Class Online

Our Services:

Arise & Shine Program

Offered virtually, the Arise & Shine! Program melds mindfulness practices and academic assistance.

Bright Knights

Offered virtually and socially distanced in person, Bright Knights is an interactive free-play where the kids solve puzzles and learn life-skills.

Private Tutoring

Social-Emotional and Academic One to One Tutoring and Guidance. Created to fit your schedule. Offered either Online or at your home.

Play Pod

Our Play Pod involves activities from soccer to a sharing circle which also includes creative free play. Held at local LA parks, socially distanced.

Around the Sports World

A class teaching kids about sports in a welcoming environment Saturday mornings. Offered virtually on Zoom.

Looking for the Bright Knights Sacred Archives?

Meet The Team


Jimmy Murn

Jimmy is the Founder and CEO of The Arise and Shine Center.  Jimmy created the Centering Curriculum based on perennial successes working with kids.  He specializes in social-emotional care.  His mission is to help as many kids as possible become Life Champions.  The launch of the Arise and Shine Center is part of what he sees as an emerging new and better education model.  Jimmy began meditating in 1999, working with kids in 2010, and started the business in 2017.


Berklie Oscarson

Berklie provides office and admin support to The Arise & Shine Center team. She has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Speech Pathology and Audiology. In the past, she has worked with pre-k children in the classroom and has coached and taught swim lessons to kids of all ages. In her spare time, Berklie enjoys snow and water sports and overseas travel with her family.

Katie Motta (Anna Fitzpatrick Photograph

Katie Motta

Katie Motta, based on the East Coast, joined the Arise & Shine team in 2021. She recently graduated summa cum laude with a Photography degree from the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City. Katie runs the Arise & Shine website, social media, and marketing while simultaneously starting her own Marketing, Web Design and Photography Company called Alluring Media Co.


“Lucy has been SO engaged! She has been coming to me weekly to share her poetry. Her enthusiasm and participation are off the charts, especially compared to when she was doing distanced learning at her traditional school. Thank you for helping her!”

—  Tori P.

Mr. G - Arise & Shine Staff.png

Mr. G

Josh Galitsky has a Master of Arts in Theatre Education and is a passionate, empowering, and empathetic teacher/coach. Josh creates safe, creative, and vibrant playgrounds using imagination, original story narrative, and unique character play to help guide children into confidently exploring their joys, strengths, and skills.


Josh says, “Nothing fulfills me more than helping children grow and explore through using their imaginations. I live my teaching life through the idea that ‘children see magic because they look for it.’ It is my job, our job, to make sure that this curiosity for all things magical stays intact and ever-flourishing, and there is no better way to do this than by being a grownup who retains their own childlike awe and shares with kids that yes, magic very much does exist, even when you get older!”


Melody Hardy

Melody has a bachelor’s degree in psychology and a master’s degree in counseling. She has worked as a behavior therapist and supervisor in private homes, elementary school classrooms, and enrichment learning centers providing behavior, social/emotional, and academic support. She has been a private tutor for over fifteen years and has worked with students who tested above and below grade level as well as students with learning disabilities.


Melody also has over five years of experience as a full-time homeschool teacher.  She is patient, compassionate, and caring while ensuring a safe and trusting learning environment for her students. Her passion for helping children succeed and achieve their educational goals is displayed in her work ethic and is her philosophy for a successful learning experience.

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Jimmy and Thomas from Private Tutoring Session with Arise & Shine! Program
Jimmy and Emma at a Private Tutoring Session with Arise & Shine! Program
Eli making Building Blocks during Arise & Shine's tutoring class