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Bright Knights Topa

We are so excited to get up to Ojai to the wondrous Topa Institute for a one-day awesome Bright Knights Event!  

Please check out the deets for the day and the wonderful teachers at the Topa Institute by CLICKING BELOW.  We support all they do and are excited to take Bright Knights to Ojai for the 1st time!!

The Shadow and Light of Alyra

Planet: Bolibin 

The Bright Knight Quelin Quasar heads to Bolibin for training and adventure.  He is to meet aspirants from nearby planets wanting to join the Bright Knights and train in the Bright Knights Way.  The High Council has also sent Quelin Quasar for another purpose: it seems as though Bolibin has had a peculiar occurrence lately that they want to check out.  One of the natives of Bolibin has recently left her tribe and is spending time by herself near the river.  A few elders say she has just set herself free, most claim she is mad, and she says she is in search of Truth.  Her name is Alyra and the Bright Knights High Council believe she could be a ‘water-whisperer’.  As the Bright Knights attempt to discover who Alrya is and learn about her story, they realize they are not the only ones after her rumoured powers, as always, the Shadow is in pursuit.  Will the Bright Knights rise up and help Alyra on her quest for Truth?  Stay tuned to find out.


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