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Arise & Shine! Program

Offered virtually, the Arise & Shine! Program melds mindfulness practices and academic assistance. This program is all about starting the day right with square one of education: mindfulness. The session then progresses into academic assistance. Children ages 5-12 are welcome in this class.


Join us Monday - Thursday to build your mindfulness game, learn, be part of the team and have some fun.

Arise & Shine! Spring Semester Service Offerings (January - May 2021)

The Centering Curriculum indicates the life lessons codified by principles and virtues and their subsequent life skills including communication skills, self-care and mindfulness. Centering advocates guidance for kids which includes both nurturing and discipline. The Arise and Shine! Program includes a centering curriculum, mindfulness skills, social-emotional care AND academic support!

Come back here weekly for our new videos. Check out our past Weekly Wellness Addresses on our YouTube Channel Here.


Weekly Wellness Address - May 10th, 2021


Teacher Jimmy and a Student Meditating at the Arise & Shine's Mindfulness Class

Mindfulness Hour 1:


We start by stretching, moving, meditating, breathing. We will get centered before proceeding with our day, so that we can be happier, calmer, feel more focused, and engage wholly in learning.


Then, we engage in a morning share circle where we learn to speak and listen mindfully, and speak and listen from the heart. When connecting with others, we gain meaningful relationships.


Each week features a new virtue / principle to focus on. This virtue will have corresponding life skills that are built from it.

For example: If the week’s virtue is Gratitude, we will make a gratitude list and a Thank you Letter to focus on our gratitude. We encourage the family to take on the week’s virtue as it benefits everyone to build on these skills.

Academic Hour 2:


A lesson on each of the week's corresponding Academic subjects. These lessons will be customized for our respective groups and have aspects for each age to pick up.

Mondays will be Math.

Tuesdays will be a combination of Reading, History, and Science.

Wednesdays will be Writing.

Thursdays will be Project-Based Learning.


The floor then opens for students to work on the day’s academic lesson, to posit questions on the day’s lesson, and have a discussion. Students may also present something they are working on through their respective curriculum, have focused, dedicated time to work on schoolwork, and ask questions.

School Supplies on desk for Arise & Shine's Tutoring Program