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Bright Knights Halloween

🏰 This year we have designed an event / class built for the whole family.  Parents and adults are welcome to participate.

🏰 Our story is 'The Archine Crystal Clash'!  This is a delicious subplot story of Bright Knights come to life.

🏰 New surprises and experiences await you!! We have a few super fun things lined up that we have never done before.

🏰 Once you sign up, you will receive more information.

🏰 Earlybird cost - sign up by October 10th! - is $80/1st fam. member & $60/each additional fam. member.  Sign up now to reserve your spot.

Rainbow Sprinkles
Video Game Invention
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BK Halloween 2022

In order to rescue Locket the dragon-keeper and Evigmus the dragon, the kids had to go undercover to Raven's Lair South.  They met ne'er-do-wells and explored the Shadow Mansion in search of clues to unlock the mystery.
FUN was had by all, and in the end, the Knights helped both Locket and Evigmus escape.

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