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Bright Knights Halloween

🏰 This year we have designed an event / class built for the whole family.  Parents and adults are welcome to participate or 
drop your child off for a great time!

🏰 We are playing!  This is about fun and the learning that comes up through role-playing in a different 'world' with a 'mission' all with the help of our wonderful and trained teacher-actors. 

🏰 Our story is 'The Archine Crystal Clash'!  You will get to join Team Prismatics or Team Shadowmatics and will be assigned a guide when you arrive.

🏰 Once you sign up, you will receive more information, including your Team, a bit about your character and what to wear.

🏰 Cost is $65 per participant; we have some extra costs associated with this event.  We sometimes get scholarships so reach out if cost is an issue.

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Rainbow Sprinkles

The Story of the
Archine Crystal Clash

The story of the Archine Crystal is an epic tale in the history of Omnia, the Universe of Light & Shadow that the Bright Knights venture in.  


The planet Prisma began as a beacon of light and for time immemorial Prismatics emanated Flow-Goodness out to all of Omnia.


The Prismatics are miniature light-beings that look like little flecks of rainbow.  They communicate in high-pitched harmonies and have always known peace and joy.


Some think Shadow entered into Omnia when Raven 1st descended but the seeds were already there.  


This is a story of 2 friends who together came up with a creation that changed the fate of Omnia.  The Archine Crystal.  The Prismatics go by letter names to outsiders but to each other they have names.  Prismatic AR, known as “Ar” to kinfolk, and Prismatic CN, known as “Chine” to kinfolk, were the best of friends.  Chine and Ar would often play blissfully amongst the bluebells and alpinia, the valriels and honeysuckle.  


As light-beings they were uninhibited, curious, and open and could work and play flawlessly in tandem.  One morning on the first day of the Humble Harvest, Chine was alone and experimenting.  Chine had found a way to turn water into a solid without freezing it.  The solid took a beautiful crystal shape and instead of being in the Flow, Chine stood back and took credit for this creation.  A great pride overtook Chine.  It was in these moments that a peculiar greed crept out of a sleeping consciousness and onto the pages of the history of Omnia. 

As Ar approached he could feel the dissonance.  As Ar turned the corner he saw both a delight and an anger on his friend’s face.  “I have created it” communicated Chine.  Ar struck a compassionate stance and time went on.  

Ar then asked, “It is beautiful; what does it do?”

“It be’s beautiful.”


“All is beauty equal.”


“Grrr.”  This behavior was never before embodied or witnessed with the Prismatics.  After a while Chine came back down to Prisma, “You are right perhaps you could figure out something to do with it.”


Ar took the next fortnight and went into a deep meditation state, which, for Prismatics with something as common as eating oatmeal atoms or saluting the Sun.


Ar came to Chine who sat admiring their creation.  “I’ve got it,” declared Ar.


“What is it?”


“I can put Flow through it.”



“The crystal’s design is so perfect it can harness Flow and the user can direct it.”


“No… show me.”  


Ar whispered into the wind and said the ancient Prisma incantation, known only to Prismatics, and forever so shall it be, for no others could detect or decipher these arcane notes. 


Indeed, the Archine Crystal as folk called it, could almost shoot pure Love out in one direction.  It was like taking the atmosphere of Prisma and directing it into a stream.  It wasn’t particularly advantageous on Prisma where everything almost already was Love, but in the context of Omnia, this was a breakthrough.


Over time Chine continued to boast of their creation creating a fissure in the community.


Many, many moons later, when Raven arrived on Prisma, this fissure would result in the followers of Chine finally becoming Shadowmatics - those that twisted light, and for their own benefit, no one else’s.

And now the Crystal is up for grabs and what will be the result of The Archine Crystal Clash?

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BK Halloween 2022

In order to rescue Locket the dragon-keeper and Evigmus the dragon, the kids had to go undercover to Raven's Lair South.  They met ne'er-do-wells and explored the Shadow Mansion in search of clues to unlock the mystery.
FUN was had by all, and in the end, the Knights helped both Locket and Evigmus escape.

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