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Bright Knights

Welcome to Omnia!

Welcome to Omnia! It's the nearly infinite playspace where light and shadow collide. Be your own character, take on the trials and complete the training. Partake in the live-action adventure that is Bright Knights. Bright Knights is a creative free play class directed by Quasar (Teacher Jimmy) and Crash Moonbender (Mr. G).

The experience can be incredibly transformative for kids' overall well-being, confidence, and sense of self. Ingredients of the Hero's journey, escape rooms, D’n’D, and immersive theatre, pepper the mystery-adventures set forth for the brave team. Bright Knights is all about friendship, teamwork and FUN!

Bright Knights stand for “what’s good and right” and appeal to the timeless flow for energy, understanding, answers, and solutions. The class follows an engaging adventure storyline, we hike, train, meditate, solve puzzles, find clues and defend those in need!

Bright Knights Shine.  Forever! 

FALL 2022

Bright Knights Adventure

Santa Monica

Join in the fun this Fall at our weekend adventure class! The Knights are solving mysteries in the Unknown Dimension. Hike, train, learn and play!

SATURDAYS 2:00pm-5:00pm
Session 1: $450
  • 9/10/22: Del Rey Lagoon

  • 9/17/22: Del Rey Lagoon

  • 9/24/22: Del Rey Lagoon

  • 10/1/22: Clover Park

  • 10/8/22: Clover Park

  • 10/15/22: Clover Park

Session 2: $450
  • 10/29/22: Tongva Park

  • 11/5/22: Tongva Park

  • 11/12/22: Tongva Park

  • 11/19/22: Tongva Park

  • 12/3/22: Tongva Park

  • 12/10/22: Tongva Park

Bright Knights Cyber

Online via Zoom

An online Bright Knights class for kids! Join us for 11 Fall classes starting September 8th. Play your own character, make new friends, solve mysteries and find clues in this fun adventure!

$30 per class

Bright Knights Malibu


Join in the fun this Fall at our weekend adventure class.

The Knights must save the Time-Keeper in the Unknown Dimension.  Can they rescue him in time!? 

Hike, train, learn and play!

SUNDAYS 2:00 - 5:00pm
Fall Session: $460
  • 10/9/22: Zuma Canyon Trailhead

  • 10/16/22: Zuma Canyon Trailhead

  • 11/6/22: location tba

  • 11/13/22: location tba

  • 11/20/22: Final; location tba

  • 12/3/22: Class finishes with Ceremony; Point Dume

Check out what we've been up to!

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Bright Knights players during a zoom battle