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Bright Knights

Welcome to Omnia!

Welcome to Omnia! It's the nearly infinite playspace where light and shadow collide. Be your own character, take on the trials and complete the training. Partake in the live-action adventure that is Bright Knights. Bright Knights is a creative free play class designed and curated by Teacher Jimmy and the Arise Shine Center team.

The experience can be incredibly transformative for kids' overall well-being, confidence, and sense of self. Ingredients of the Hero's journey, escape rooms, D’n’D, and immersive theatre, pepper the mystery-adventures set forth for the brave team. Bright Knights is all about friendship, teamwork and FUN!

Bright Knights stand for “what’s good and right” and appeal to the timeless flow for energy, understanding, answers, and solutions. The class follows an engaging adventure storyline, we hike, train, meditate, solve puzzles, find clues and defend those in need!

Bright Knights Shine.  Forever! 

Fall 2023

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Session 2 is 6 classes.  The session rate is $450 for 1st student and $337.50 for sibling discount.

For drop-in classes please contact us ahead of time, even with short notice we can usually accept kids into the class.  The drop-in rate is $85/class and $63.75/class for sibling discount. 

We bring in teacher-actors to curate a full hero's journey experience for the kids as well as coach social-emotional for the individual and the group.  Early sign-ups really help us plot the class.

This session will finish with a ceremony honoring the kids progress where parents are welcome to attend.  It will occur at 430p of our last class on December 16th.

Bright Knights Cyber

Online via Zoom

An online Bright Knights class for kids! Join us for Fall classes on Wednesdays.  Class will run from September 6th - December 13th.

 Play your own character, make new friends, solve mysteries and find clues in this fun adventure!  This class is especially focused on teamwork, strategy and role-playing.  Social-emotional support and social skills help provided.

$30 per class

Other Bright Knights classes

* GoldenStar Education
* Realm Academy
* Sycamore School

email for more information

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Bright Knights players during a zoom battle
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