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Welcome to Omnia, the nearly infinite playspace where light and shadow collide. Be your own character, take on the trials and complete the training. Partake in the live-action adventure that is Bright Knights. Bright Knights is a creative free play class directed by Quasar (Teacher Jimmy) and Crash Moonbender (Mr. G).

The experience can be incredibly transformative for kids' overall well-being, confidence, and sense of self. Ingredients of the Hero's journey, escape rooms, D’n’D, and immersive theatre, pepper the mystery-adventures set forth for the brave team.

Bright Knights fight for “what’s good and right” and appeal to the timeless flow for energy, understanding, answers, and solutions.

Bright Knights Shine.  Forever! 


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Bright Knights Adventure:
Squad West

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November 6th - December 18th

Saturdays: 2-5 PM

Join the knights of Squad West as they return to the planet of Prisma. The knights are shocked to find that the once peaceful planet has been taken over by The Shadow. They send a transmission to Squad One to search for a sacred set of Gems that could help save the Prismatic people from the Shadow.

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September 18th - October 30th

Saturdays: 2-5 PM

The Knights travel to Crimsonia where they meet Crimsor, the ruler of the red planet. Crimsor has the knights complete many tasks on his behalf. But the knights soon discover that Crimsor is under heart-control by a fierce Spider King. The knights devise a plan to save Crimsor and defeat the Spider King.

Bright Knights Malibu:
Squad One

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November 7th - December 19th

Sundays: 1-4 PM

The knights of Squad West have received a transmission and plea for help from Squad West. Their mission? To travel to the mysterious planet of Geminos in search of the Sacred Gems. They must be clever if they are to find the gems to send back to Squad West in hopes of defeating The Shadow. 

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September 19th - October 31st

Sunday: 12-2:30 PM

Squad West assembles!! For their first ever mission, the knights meet on the planet of Lunadora to complete their Bright Knights level one training. There they meet a fun-loving local, Torber. A mystery unfolds and the knights are determined to help Torber reclaim his home, find his long lost daughter and fend off The Shadow.

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