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Keep Hope

BKA * 6.3.23 * Squad West * Bombassan

On this day the Knights convene to help in the search for Auravel and Mama Leone, both of whom are lost in the Unknown Dimension.  Llama, Unicorn, Arcadius, Tiger Tooth, Dragon Tooth and Quasar meet to head through the Secret Portal on the rescue mission.  Quasar advocates for the Knights to take the tact of reaching high ground to oversee the lands, and the crew is on board.  Unicorn gets the leadership band and begins learning the art of leading.  The team heads to what in Omnia is known as the Bombassan Labyrinth.  'Tis there that Tiger Tooth and Arcadius find the staff of Auravel.  Quasar theorizes that perhaps this labyrinth could be a portal itself.  The Knights don't stick around to find out as the search is on for Auravel and Mama Leone.  The Knights makes it much further than Quasar planned and near the top of the mountain peak Dragon Tooth uncovers the 2nd letter from Auravel asking for help to get out of the Unknown Dimension.  Although the young Knights call out, there is no answer.  However a major clue is left in Auravel's letter - that they can find him by 'the bridge' which him and Mama Leone go to once a day.  The difficult factor is that time moves differently in the Unknown Dimension.  The Knights also get a "bird's eye view" of what looks like a Shadow Pirates Camp setting up on Bombassan.  Now that the Raven is in Kynnderage, all bets are off.  STAY TUNED!

Mama Leone Transmission
Auravel letter 2 6.3_edited.jpg

Search Party for Bombassan

BKA * 5.27.23 * Squad West * Bombassan

The Knights gather with little time to rejoice for the saving of Strawberry Queen as they deal with Raven finally getting into the Unknown Dimension via the Secret Portal.  The Knights are visited on this day by the time-tested strategist/peace-warrior StarStryker.
The crew decides to first see if they can locate Auravel and Mama Leone, whom, upon their disappearance the planet Bombassan fell into the hands of the dictator Tauro.  (Tauro was taken care of by the Bright Knights helping the Bombas)  Right away the crew is met by the Lone King who has come back through the Secret Portal upon losing sight of Auravel and Mama Leone upon hearing a shrieking 'caw' sound.  The brave Knights head into the Unknown Dimension and take the trail the Lone King had taken in following Auravel and Mama Leone, a trail the Knights had never taken.  They cross bridges and head through interesting thickets and switchbacks.  Finally they come across Auravel's hat and a dragon stunner(!?) which Arcadius and Quasar acquire.  Harry and Lone King make sure to put forth plenty of protection bubbles.  Finally after a good hike Dragon Tooth spots a letter which he traverses the mountain side to acquire.  It is from Auravel!  He is okay but he and Mama Leone are lost.  The sun starts to set and thus the Knights must call it a day.  They get back through the Secret Portal and strategize for next week.

The Secret Portal

BKA * 5.13.23 * Squad West * Bombassan

On the final day of this mission the Knights know they need a result, and they put their best foot forward to get the best one possible.  Llama gets the leadership band based on her teamwork comments and continued progress thinking of the team and how to contribute.  Unicorn, Fire Tooth, Dragon Tooth, and Bobo complete the troupe with Quelin Quasar back at the helm.

The crew head to the Field of Leone to sabre train and then head to the newly-discovered Secret Portal.  Once there they hear voices.  It is Strawberry Queen but their calm pays off.  Lo!  'Tis Raven!!  For nigh over 36 fortnights has the she-bird gone unseen.  The crew overhears an apology from S. Queen about not delivering the Elixir ingredients.  Raven places a dark eye-band about her and says she must undergo a Shadow ceremony at the Labrynth to make sure she is still with the program. 

The Knights track the pair to the Labrynth Tower, a beautiful natural mini-mountain.  Atop, they spot a frozen S. Queen!  And then the confrontation as Raven steps up from the side of the mountain.  Raven says the Shadow will free S. Queen; S. Queen says she doesn't feel free!  Then, Quasar sacrifices himself, shielding off a path for the team to rush through to save S. Queen.  A battle ensues and Quasar goes down while the Raven flies off. 

The Knights give Quasar some Elixir and they then chase the Raven.  Dragon Tooth spots a black serpent at the Field of Truth.  The group agrees it is a good sign as they behold it from a safe distance.

 It is then as they feared. 

As they get to the Secret Portal, Raven spins in her black cloak and whisks through, finally entering the Unknown Dimension.

The day finishes with a joyous debriefing with Strawberry Queen who feels sorry for what she has done but happy to return to herself.  She grants the kids seedlings as they graduate their mission.

Auravel caricature ai1-1.png

Fox Find & Secret Revealed

BKA * 5.6.23 * Squad West * Bombassan

This day has half a dozen Knights joining the lone King of the Leaf Clan and Bombassan's Mama Leone.  The crew heads to the Field of Truth to study, train, strategize, and play games.  

Dragon Tooth, Harry, Llama, Unicorn, Tree Bark and Bobo put forth effort, courage, and peace in their sincere effort to become Vallians and to complete their missions of finding the Strawberry Queen and playing Auravel's games until they find the Secret Portal.

Quasar is missing in action, out searching for the Strawberry Queen.

Eventually the crew hears from Auravel via an audio transmission and in a hoarse French accent he shares: "So, you come zees far.  You think you could break tradition from zee old rules?  And get through without passing my riddles?  Interesting.  Young Knights are you indeed the 'Chosens'?  Can you find the Fox and then ask yourself 'How did this Fox get into Bombassan when it is from the Unknown Dimension?'  Good luck; as well as I should say to Quasar.  Who is now in the hands of Strawberry Queen."

The team heads to the Bombassan Labrynth and it is there off to the right that they find a Fox from the Fox Clan from the Unkonwn Dimension!  The Fox isn't doing well!  The team also finds another one of Auravel's mystery boxes which has numerous items inside including the ingredient Prairie Sun.

As they make their way down they spot a blue-hatted figure... Auravel!

Auravel bounds off and fires a soft-tipped missile in their direction.  It seems he is testing the team as they all make their way to the Field of Truth.  Once there they pass through 2 riddles: "What is the point of peace?" & "Why should you respect your elders?"  Meanwhile Llama heals the Fox.  After this Auravel says he will indeed show them the Secret Portal if they can defeat him at Khonekt Quartz.  Auravel rolls through the first 2 games but then a super unusual attack from Tree Bark takes place.  Right when Auravel is about to win Tree Bark somehow makes a diagonal and the team cheers.  Mama Leone holds Auravel to his promise and he takes the team to see the Secret Portal and then disappears for the 1st time ever though the Portal.  The day ends with a return from Quasar who seems to remember only little of what happened as he was so... close.. to reaching S. Queen, only to wake up with a broken red sabre almost in his side!

Note: on this day we lose Auravel, Mama Leone and the Lone King through the Secret Portal.


BKA * 4.29.23 * Squad West * Bombassan

An exciting week in the annals of Bright Knights history as an expanded Squad West makes their way deeper into Bombassan territories and deeper into the mystery that is .. The Secret Portal.

The crew is joined by some eager new recruits and the kids do a good job of welcoming them. They are also joined by DayHopper, one of 5 Knights under Quasar to acheive the Vallians status.  It is his day of birth and Quasar asks him to continue to set a great example and hands him a blue band and a sabre.

And lo! The Lone King!  All the way from the Unknown Dimension, here to help the Knights and again find (and protect?) the Strawberry Queen.

Upon finding a red sabre at the Field Of Truth Quasar decides he will set out east to find the Strawberry Queen.  He communicates with the team through walkies and tracks the S. Queen all the way to the Labrynth where a dark figure takes her in and they disappear.

Meanwhile Mama Leone and the Lone King lead the group west to the Golden Steps.  After a long and arduous journey - one  which includes examining a beatle colony - they arrive at the Golden Steps.  But not before they are attacked by a blue elf who fires soft-tipped arrows in their direction.  The crew chooses the steps-going-up this time and soon comes to 2 boxes.  They contain riddles and a picture of S. Queen at the Field of Truth.  Finally, 'tis he.  Auruvel appears and yes - he is kind of grumpy; stalwart some might say.  A test battle occurs and DayHopper passes the test.  Auravel reveals a prophecy has 'chosens' inheriting the planet Bombassan from him and Mama Leone.  That for generations he has protected a Secret Portal connecting Omnia to the Unknown Dimension.  Finally a battle of Connect4 occurs with Eagle.  Auravel wins but asks the Knights to return.  At day's end all celebrate DayHopper's day of birth. 🎉


The Map of the Golden Steps

BKA * 4.22.23 * Squad West * Bombassan

The team of young heroes assemble to continue to tackle the mystery of Bombassan.  Led here originally to find the Strawberry Queen, the Bright Knights now attempt to find the Golden Steps.

The day starts by Llama Tooth finding Mama Leone at the Field Of Truth.  Mama Leone reports a sighting of Strawberry Queen heading west.  Quasar, Unicorn and Dragon Tooth notice that the path on the Map heads west away from the Field of Truth and thus, the team sets out.  Bobo has the leadership band and along the way they spot various mysterious things including a white "X" on the path.  The crew originally heads passed the Golden Steps and enters a strange territory with a river and a bridge where it seems an ambush could occur.  Fire Tiger, Tiger Tooth, Tiger Lily, Harry and co. also start finding Hypnochrons everywhere.  The little hypnotizing lights seem to only effect Quasar whom the kids quickly heal.   

They double back and after an inspiring speech by Mama Leone - where she reveals the Knights are indeed looking for the powerful old Auravel - the Knights choose the Golden Steps going down and not up.  Once down there a strange note reveals that the person that runs this place (Auravel) doesn't trust whomever has made it this far, unless, they can walk a mile in their shoes to "see if they are true."  Quasar sacrifices his Quasar shoes.

Time dwindles so all head back to skip stones and hear some lessons about abundance before class closes.

Stay tuned!

Digital Rings

Code to the Cryptex

BKA * 4.15.23 * Squad West * Bombassan

The young crew forms for another great adventure day in the annals of Bright Knights lore. 

After Quasar helps center and ground the team, they head over to meet Gray-haired, Turqoise-capped, Futuristic-sunglassed, all-in-purple Mama Leone on the infamous Field of Truth.

Soon after 3 new recruits immediately level up Squad West:

Bobo 1234, Pearl, and Eagle.

The Knights mission on this day is simple: get to a Tower, use a Time Wand, and say some magic words for the Map to appear.  The Map is supposed to lead to an ancient one's lair.

Bobo spots a large cat off in the distance, luckily it is moving away from the group and the group heads up the well-worn trail with many travelers around in search of one of the Towers.  Lo!  The team somehow ends up where they were last week, beneath the Bombassan Labrynth!  And just when the team stops for a break she finds it... young Pearl uncovers a box containing a Cryptex!

But what is the code!?

The team traverses the climb and in the Bombassan Labrynth again Quasar uses his Flow power via meditation to read Mama Leone's mind.  He asks for permission and she says yes.  It seems Mama Leone is in the know and wants to help, but can only tell us so much herself.

Eventually the young Knights, by their using the Flow to help Quasar use the Flow figure out the code is simply "I L O V E U" which almost felt like the planet itself speaking to them.

Inside the Cryptex: THE MAP OF THE GOLDEN STEPS!

BKA Topanga 4.15_edited.jpg
Resized_Screenshot_20230408_185424_Gallery 2.jpeg

Mama Leone's Help

BKA * 4.8.23 * Squad West * Bombassan

A grand first day for the young Knights as they assemble on Bombassan per Quelin Quasar's request to help him track the Strawberry Queen.  

Why did she take off without saying goodbye and fly into Omnia?  The Knights seek to find out.  Upon assembling they head to the infamous Field of Truth on Bombassan, a lovely field where truth and clarity occur.  The Knights undertake the primary Standing Ready and Sitting Ready training.  In their first meditation, a rare 2 minute silent meditation to start, a few of the young peace warriors think they hear something.  Quasar uses this as an opportunity to teach 'Scan' the process of observing the land 360, high, low, near, and far.  A strange coo-ing noise starts happening from afar and Quasar responds to the noise in bird-whistle code.  Quasar senses it is someone good.  And then emerges the blue-haired magistrate Mama Leone!  

Quasar is astonished because she was thought to only be a folk hero featured in heroic tales of days of yore.  She is real and she is before us and she is here to help!  

The students warm up to Mama Leone as they break bread for a snack and share stories.  They tell her what their mission is and ask if she has seen Strawberry Queen.  It seems she has - but she isn't saying where.

Eventually the Knights - on instinct and choices made me by the day's leader Fire Tiger - hike northeast and find a quizzical note speaking of a map by a tower that leads to an ancient one.  The Knights figure out from Mama Leone that the ancient one the note-poem speaks of is Auravel whom she describes as grumpy, stuck-in-his-ways, and a seer and knower of gnarly truths.  The day finishes with a hike up to the Bombassan Labyrinth and the Knights' walkies hear a female voice and they think they see Strawberry Queen but no one responds.🤔 

King for the Win

BKM * 3.26.23 * Squad One * Leaf Shard

As the Leaf Shard mission comes to a close the Bright Knights rise up and utilize their training, practice teamwork and focus in on their goals, a triumphant day emerges.  

Check out the mini-movie of our adventures and the conclusion below. Congratulations to Fire Tiger, Dragon Tooth, Unicorn Tooth, Harry, Tree Bark, Llama Tooth and Sky Sight for completing the mission and Thank you to Ole Fernie, Strawberry Queen, Green Star, Wolscar and The Lone King for your help.


The Croach & The King

BKM * 3.19.23 * Squad One * Leaf Shard

The Knights brave the dark, cloudy skies and scattered rains to face the fate of the Leaf Shard as they continue in search of answers and the Lone King himself.

They are joined by Green Star and Quasar quickly intuits she should take on the role of archer.  Dragon Tooth takes on the role of leader with the blue wrist band and Tree Bark will be the Knights' healer with the green wrist band on this day. 

Once through the portal the Knights are right away met by the Strawberry Queen looking well, more like a strawberry with her bright red hair, red coat and strawberry umbrella.  And lo! here also is good Ole Fernie looking well... more like a shrub with each passing minute.

Quasar can tell Ole Fernie is hiding something and enacts a call to question, "Ole Fernie, I feel in the Flow there is something you aren't telling us."  Ole Fernie relents and admits that he knows of the 3rd ingredient to turn the Nectar into the Elixir - the Molt - hidden deep in the Dark Forest.  Quasar decides he alone shall go on in search of the Molt, that it is too dangerous for this iteration of Squad One with their limited training albeit limitless courage.  

Strawberry Queen invites all for some tea at her mansion that she has set up on the Leaf Shard and the group likes this idea. 

Once nearing the mansion however fate has something else in store.. Green Star spots the Rab Croach!  In the form of some type of cat-rat and complete with a growl.  The Croach carries big branches and lurks nearby.  Llama is not scared!  She has a strange desire to help this creature who haunts the Unknown Dimension.  Eventually the Croach does ambush the group and lo! Direct Hit with a soft-tipped Bright Knights love arrow by Green Star.  The Croach is dazed though they do come back for a 2nd attack the Croach is noticeably off.  

Finally the group is led by the native Ole Fernie to the LookOut while Strawberry Queen seeks to get Quasar back from the Dark Forest (she seems after the Molt).  As the Strawberry Queen lingers the group decides to come down to the 4 corners.  They see her.. about to be pounced on by the Croach!  They yell out but she does not hear.  Just before the Croach pounces the Rab Croach is intercepted by THE LONE KING of the Plant Creatures aka Leaf Clan!  'Tis HE!  The Lone King knocks the Rab Croach back and effectively saves the Strawberry Queen.  It is revealed that the Lone King disappeared because he rushed to find and protect the Strawberry Queen.

At the end of the day much to the concern of Squad One, Quasar returns having sustained a brief swipe by the Croach.  He has the Molt!  And the day finishes with all ingredients in the possession of Ole Fernie after games by the Portal.

The Strawberry Queen & Praire Sun

BKM * 3.12.23 * Squad One * Leaf Shard

This week the young Knights convene atop Geminos to head through the portal to the Leaf Shard.  They undertake a brief meditation training and then set out to meet their goals.  Right away as they head south walking away from the starting tree, Quasar senses something or someone behind them.  The Knights go into Camo and then approach quietly and low to the ground.  They hear a bizarre knocking sound.  Lo and behold - Ole Fernie arises. 

And then as they greet Ole Fernie from behind them a bombastic yet sweet voice calls out to them.  It is almost like she knew the Knights were going to try and find her.. 'tis Strawberry Queen and she approaches the Knights fearlessly and in diva-style.  Llama immediately gives her a big hug.

Quasar reluctantly brings Strawberry Queen into the mix as the young Aster Pages quiz her.  The team is split 50-50 on whether or not to trust her intentions.  Ole Fernie mentions that the 2nd of 4 ingredients the team needs to turn the Nectar into Elixir is the rare flower known as the 'Prairie Sun'.  Strawberry Queen offers to help and per the leadership of Harry, the Knights accept.  

All head to the Ghost town and Strawberry Queen inquires if anyone has seen any of her 3 dazzling sparkle rings.  Quasar is holding 2 of the rings and Unicorn is holding 1.  The Queen is so aggressive and adamant that Quasar senses something is off and the Knights hide the rings.  

The 'Love' rock formation is still spelled out at the Ghost town.  In the day mist Quasar temporarily vanishes a few times and somewhere in this time the Prairie Sun is found.

This whole day Ole Fernie keeps growing more and more like a tree, which is quite strange and the kids help him out.

At the end of the day the Nectar and the Prairie Sun are put together.  Strawberry Queen, who has somehow really won everyone over, wants to take the two.  She suggests games to figure out who gets to keep the two ingredients: Green Team led by Ole Fernie and Red Team led by Strawberry Queen.  Green Team just edges out Red Team and Ole Fernie of the Leaf Clan keeps the 2 ingredients.


BKM * 3.5.23 * Squad One * Leaf Shard

The Nectar, Found at a Cost

The Bright Knights convene on a beautiful misty mountain Sunday to go from the Planet Geminos through the portal to the Leaf Shard of the Unknown Dimension.  There is a certain readiness and awareness by the team today.

After a brief training in meditation and 'standing ready' Squad One sees a mysterious lady moving south where they didn't know a path was.  The Knights go 'Camo' and hide.  In the blink of an eye the lady wearing blue has turned into someone in green!?  The Knights approach with calm confidence and then it is revealed upon closer look: it is Ole Fernie and he sounds in trouble!  Ole Fernie has seen the Rab Croach frozen in time and the young Knights prepare for battle.  Quasar tells them this is not their time that they haven't the training yet.  The team does get to go up to the hibernating Rab Croach whom the kids think could be a baby Croach.  

Ole Fernie and today's leader Sky Sight guide all to a glen where there is a dead-end.  It was rumoured that Strawberry Queen has been spotted nearby.  The team meditates and learns the stories of the land they are on.  The Unknown Dimension is actually referred to as Kynnderage - Kind Place - by folks who live there.  

The team eventually makes it to the 4 corners and knows they can't find the Nectar without Ole Fernie's help and so he takes the lead and puts the team into formation.  All are instructed to not look back but Quasar who brings up the rear peaks back as Squad One makes their descent into the Deep Valley.  Quasar is transported into the Dark Forest.  He comes face to face with either fear or the Rab Croach itself in the form of a rat - he cannot tell - and calls for the Knights.  The Knights make it into the edge of the Dark Forest to help Quasar.  Quasar is down but has stumbled into the Nectar!  He takes a sample but also drinks some and Ole Fernie yells out "you must be Leaf Clan it won't help you!"  Turns out the Nectar must be made into an Elixir to benefit non-Leaf Clan folk.  Dragon Tooth steps up with healing powers and the team gets out of the ordeal with a sample of Nectar and heads back to fight again another day.

Ole Fernie

BKM * 2.26.23 * Squad One * Leaf Shard

Again they journey into the Unknown Dimension for the sake of what is Good and Right and to help piece together the after-effects of the Dismal Abysmal Event in the hopes that the Bright Knights may help reverse time and bring harmony back.  

This week the kids are joined by Wolscar, tenured wisdom-warrior-magician, and he takes the lead.  We also have Sky Sight with us.  Eventually, heading toward the Abandoned Village Unicorn Tooth spots an odd creature making gestures to the sky.  Upon careful approach and then the young Knights chant of "We come in Peace!" the crew meets an odd fella' with what an Earth can be referred to as an Irish accent.  He announces himself as Ole Fernie and the chap is quite pleasant if he doesn't say so himself.  After the Dismal Abysmal he explains most of the Leaf Clan have scattered.  He shares a note written by the Lone King.

Ole Fernie confirms sightings of what the Knights can glean must be the Strawberry Queen.  She is the leader of the Berry Clan and the kids have boiled down that she must have something nefarious to do with the whole breaking apart of the Unknown Dimension.

Ole Fernie leads the team to the 4 corners where the Dark Forest murmurs and the Deep Valley sits.