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The Unknown Dimension 
& The Dismal Abysmal Event

Entered into Archives 1.17.23; lore uncovered is authored by Rosser, former leader of the Owl Clan
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KYNNDERAGE aka the Unknown Dimension


The following comes to us from the wisdom of Rosser the Owl, Wisest of The Unknown Dimension. 


From the Venerable Rosser: 

"Kynnderage is a place hovering just around the back of the center of everyone's heart.  It has always been a place of great harmony.  It grew together in conjunction with the rest of Omnia though we knew we were not seen or known.  


Kynnderage, or Kind Place, is a place of great harmony, or as Omnians call it, "The Flow."   Things can move up, down, backwords, 360, in any way, and that includes Time itself.


Nature is pre-eminent and we live on a mass without boundary.  I cannot understate to you The Oneness of Kynnderage.  All movement and thought is part of a lovely and grand orchestra.  


Everywhere exist Kobyashi.  Kobyashi are our beloved and mischievous folk.  They take many, many forms and borrow from all the rainbow for color.


Six Clans exist and Kynnderage would be incomplete without each Clan.


  • The Berry Clan with it's 5 families: The Strawberry Sect, The Blackberry Brood, The Tangerine Team, The Raspberry Race, and The Band of Blueberries.  This Clan vibrates pure joy and is led by the lovely Miss Strawberry Queen.  

  • The Rock Clan with it's steadfastness and immovable nature.  The Rock Clan teaches us to be strong and be solid and to stick with what we believe in.  The teachings of The Elder are known throughout Kynnderage. 

  • The Fox Clan is perhaps the most unique clan.  The Foxes never find a dead-end and are always stealth, always clever, always moving.  They are the hardest to locate and have mystical powers which they mostly keep to themselves not because they are selfish but because it is their nature.

  • The Owl Clan are the harbingers of Truth, Harmony, and Wisdom. We overlook the beautiful lands of Kynnderage, making sure all is well.  We see.

  • The Leaf Clan aka The Plant Creatures, live a free existence.  They are always ready to give and they live as if with a white flag in their hearts.  The Lone King has led them to live lives of service and abandon.

  • The Bee Clan is led by Miss Vividus, who most recognize as the heart-leader of Kynnderage.  Miss Vividus holds the highest degree of kindness, patience, and compassion.  She was known to always be smiling and give the best hugs.  A single hug from Miss Vividus can heal any, even the most uncouth Kobyashi. The Bee Clan leads by example showing all of Kynnderage that "To Be" is the thing.  They are a regal kind.

BK Spring 22 Vid slide Fox Shard.jpg
Ms. S. Queen Glasses.jpg

Miss Vividus and Crim on the Bee Shard

BK character Dooley.jpg




From the Venerable Rosser: 

"This is the saddest thing.  And Kynnderage has never been the same since, and most fear, will never be able to be healed, will never be the same again.


Around the Summer Solstice of the 3100th year of the Apple Dew Age a vote was taken with representatives of all 6 Clans and the Kobyashi.  (sobbing)  Forgive me, I must focus.  (Rosser composes himself)  


A proposition was made by The Blueberry Boss to have Kynnderage become "Known" and "Appear and Join" the rest of Omnia.  

The Younger of the Rock Clan agreed.  He thought it time to connect.  That there might be some learning for the kinfolk of Kynnderage.  That their example of Harmony might benefit Omnians and Bright Knights in the fight versus The Shadow.  


The Raspberry Ruler mentioned that to have this plan come to fruition a ceremony must take place.  He asked me to lead the ceremony and I accepted. 


Miss Vividus herself then stood and spoke, 'Myself and my fellow Bees shall be in favour of this, but we have one concern.  Our honey, known to all as RumGold, is untouchable to all but us Bees.  Should we give this away it comes with great risk.  I must have all your assurances that Rosser conduct the ceremony and that none shall touch or drink the RumGold.  It contains the most potent and sacred essence.  We must trust you.  Our honey, the RumGold, is so precious, it is akin to life itself.  RumGold is the Bee Clan, it is our history.  We never bring it out for a reason, but if there is a reason this is it.  You must promise me none shall touch the RumGold.’


The Lone King of the Plant Creatures, who saw himself as a protector, albeit a gentle one, said, ‘You have our assurance and trust Miss Vividus!’


The vote passed unanimously. 


They turned to me with excitement and cheers and asked me with joined exuberance, 'what shall we call the event Rosser?'


And I answered, 'The Ceremony of Awakening.' (single tear rolls down face)




Each group offered something special for the culminating event.  


Miss Strawberry Queen offered the mixed fruit juice made from orchards of all the Berry Clan families.  This was to be delivered in the Fruit Cup, from their great annual games.


The Elder himself brought forth not only his glorious white hair, but also the weather-changing stones with immense powers.


Frederick Fox aka The Time-Keeper offered the 3rd hand of his clock, which no one understood, not even Felicity Fox, but all trusted this contained something incredibly magical meant for the occasion.


The Lone King of the Plant Creatures (Leaf Clan) was to offer the Leaf Nectar which could only be procured from his Clan’s Deep Valley.  It would be a challenge to obtain. 


Miss Vividus herself of course offered the main ingredient, RumGold, the sacred Honey of the Royal Bee Clan.


I was to offer a Rites Feather from my Clan and use Flow powers learned from StormWar to use the combined items’ energies towards destroying the barriers, what the Omnians saw as cloud-bounds.  It is not in our nature to destroy but this is what had to be done for the worlds to meet.


And the Kobyashi were to provide divine music for the Ceremony.




All gathered on that fateful day.  I had my mahogany robe on and all was set.  I was to call forth the kinfolk one by one to present their offerings for the Ceremony of Awakening.


The Kobyashi played an airy tune as the guests were being seated.  It started as such a joyous occasion.  Why did it have to go so bad?  Each Clan representative placed their offering one by one on the table.


The Sun was in the perfect position at 3:55pm that day and at about 3:50pm all were ready and seated.  As The Time-Keeper looked down at his watch we all could see that there were only 5 items on the table and that the Lone King was missing.  Perhaps he had trouble getting the Leaf Nectar from the Deep Valley.  


I stood and assured the crowd.  ‘As long as this happens before moonrise Kynnderage will soon be a welcome surprise to Omnia!  This is a homecoming of sorts.  Long-Live Kynnderage, no longer to be known as the Unknown Dimension!’

Yet the minutes ticked on.  The group had some fear for the Ceremony to be conducted and some fear that something strange or even bad had befallen the Lone King.


Some of the group had moved about the fields and there was talk of a search party.  Miss Strawberry Queen said she would head west to look for any sign of the Lone King.  


Finally at around 5:20pm Miss Strawberry Queen came toward the stage and yelled, “I’ve found him!  He is okay!  Let the Ceremony begin!”


Time seemed to slow way down as I recall.  The Lone King threw off his bow and arrow in a way which was unlike him.  He slowly moved toward the Ceremony Altar.  All seemed so happy to see him but he, he looked strange and slightly possessed.  Disheveled.  He set the Nectar down and all cheered.  And then.. It happened.


The Lone King slowly perused the Altar table.  Before I could say something to begin the Ceremony as the Moon was nearing its appearance he strangely eyed up each offering.  And as if with an energy not hitherto known in Kynnderage he smirked in a corrupt way, reached down, grabbed the Bee Chalice containing the Honey, and began drinking it all. 




Miss Vividus's anger arose from a place she didn't know existed.  No one did.  This was not the energy prevalent in Kynnderage.  Perhaps she was the only one who knew how to contain it but she had forgotten how to do that. 


Her anger blew back all that were there.  She stared venom into the Lone King's eyes and her stinger looked ready.  She yelled at him, ‘How could you!?  How could you disrespect the oath?  How could you dishonor the great Bee Clan!?’


An erratic tornado arose high in the sky and she brought it down and with a great thunderous roar with her hands.   The land split into 6 shards with her in the Center!  She cursed all the Clans and jailed the Lone King.


In one moment of betrayal the beloved ruler of Kynnderage had turned into a darkness none had ever seen or dreamed of.  


This is the Dismal Abysmal Event, and Kynnderage and all that inhabit it have been changed.  We hold faith that there is still Goodness here, though sometimes it is hard to see.  Rosser Out."

BKM Fall Final

12.4.22 BKM Squad One assembles to:
1. See if The Time-Keeper has unfroze
2. potentially battle an insect-morphed RabCroach
3. Go to Rover's Cove for gems
4. Honor the kids efforts for Fall
5. Level-up StarStryker to Vallians

Pious Point Map jpb.jpg

11.5.22 Bright Knights Squad West, in an unprecedented move, takes the offensive at Setcha City on advice from the strategists in Flight Squad.  They see a planet-painting contest poster sponsored by The Setcha Club.  The winner will get 15 minutes with the infamous Selector.  This is a huge opportunity for the Knights to somehow stop The Syndicate and The Soncaryans from attacking the Unknown Dimension. 
Which planet will win?


The Abode of Rosser


Bright Knights Squad West

The Shard of Bad Memories


The happy troupe leaves GoldRum behind and enters the world of the Unknown Dimension.  They move up past Ennis's house, past Angelo the Waterfall, and into the Kobyashi woods.  Wood of wildness - fauna and flora alike. 


They finally meet Rosser set against the blue Western sky

Rosser takes the group to his 'house'. Much wisdom is shared and at one point Bonic says, "I want to be you someday Rosser." Rosser replies: "No, no, you must become YOU someday. You are already YOU, you are just expanding young Knight." 


More training continues including seeing through different eye-glasses, each representing a virtue.  There is also physical training and "I am" exploration and non-judgmental unconditional positive regard practice from teammates.  Rosser works with Dooley.  Dooley sees that, at the soul he is "the joy of the wind."


Finally a ceremony culminates as the crew circumambulate the tee-pee and Dooley's voice and appearance look like they are changing in real-time.  Dooley is getting more grounded, more serene, a little more serious.  Rosser says he has the gift of being a "Seer".  

The Rab Croach Strikes


Bright Knights Squad One

The Shard of Dead Flow

Quasar, Wolscar, Puzzler, Dusty, Black Fire and Fire Tiger meet to continue the mystery of the Fox Clan and the Rab Croach. We all connect and show respect and then carry on heading to the Fort built for Frederick the Fox.  Whomever that is.


Once there they find that the Fort has been somewhat destroyed and is covered in spider-webbing.  Only one so hideous could do this.. The Rab Croach. 


They set out to explore and see if they can make things right here on this mysterious shard.  They knew it would be hard to find any Foxes based on lore but things looked quite grim at this point, having made no contact with any of the Fox Clan.


And then it happens.  A Fox appears.. it is Felix the Fox and he has a positive message for us.  He says to not give up and that the Foxes and Bright Knights can be friends. Frederick must be found for his powers hold the key to the whole thing. 


The Knights thank Felix and move down across the bridge to complete training for the showdown that they now invite.


The Fall of the Selector


Bright Knights Squad West

The Shard of Bad Memories

The Bright Knights assemble at GoldRum on this beautiful Spring day. It is there that they find wise old Rosser leader of the Owl Clan.


Rosser gives a blessing to the group and speaks before them.  He says that Dooley is on his way and upon questions from the crowd reveals that he is indeed 1632 years old.  He also confirms Dooley's vision about the Dismal Abysmal Event and what happened. 


Quasar thinks he has seen BlackHack.  MN-7 then thinks she sees BlackHack.  Quasar mentions that the briefcase has disappeared. The crew continues to 'Scan' looking for any signs of BlackHack.


The day is almost done when they finally spot him.. but it's not BlackHack.. it is.. The Selector!  High up on the hill.

The group confidently strides over, ready for anything.


The Selector wants the refined Goldrum and a deal is struck - the refined Goldrum (20x more valuable than regular Goldrum) for the briefcase (which includes plans to destroy Bright Knights).  Quasar mentions the BK Code and the Code on Goldrum says that if there is a battle over goods it must be one v. one. 


The Knights end the day victorious.. but did they break the Bright Knights Code?

The Rab Croach Strikes


Bright Knights Squad One

The Shard of Dead Flow

A strong crew works together to locate Torber.  They set out on the Wicked Path and soon hear Torber yelping from afar.  They find Torber down and totally shaken up from a Rab Croach sighting.


The Bright Knights work in groups of 2 effectively moving together swiftly over the land.  They go further down the Wicked Path than ever before, creating 2 checkpoints along the way.


And finally they see it, a large cast of webbing.  Foxes and insects and butterflies stuck in it.  Yet where is the Rab Croach.  Noises from the valley below. Neon then turns and the whole group is under the sway of the energy of the Croach. 


Upon receiving a transmission from Felicity Fox,combined with her letter the week prior, the Knights head to work on the fort with a meditation spot for the hopeful finding and/or arrival of Frederick the Fox whom Felicity says they have met before.  The crew works together to make the sweet fort


Dooley Drinks a Potion


Bright Knights Squad West

The Shard of Bad Memories

The Dismal Abysmal Event

From Dooley in a Potion Trance: 

The Unknown Dimension is known as 'Kynnderage' and was born when Omnia was born but existed alongside it and was about to make it's presence known.  The 6 Clans gathered at a great ceremony led by Rosser the Owl.  They were happy and harmonious and decided to work together to become known to Omnia.  Each brought something valuable to the table.  Miss Vividus leader of the Bee Clan brought her divine honey concoction but made sure no one but Rosser vowed to get near it, much less touch it.  The Lone King of the Leaf Clan or Plant Creatures known for being steadfast and dutiful showed up late.  He walked up to the ceremony table and drank the honey!  Miss Vividus had hitherto not known anything but love so when the emotions of betrayal hit her a great and terrible anger was released.  Thunder and lightning occurred high high up in the sky and she brought the lightning down splitting Kynnderage into 6 Shards and jailing the Lone King.  It was a sad and awful day."

The Fort for Fredrick


Bright Knights Squad One

The Shard of Dead Flow

A letter is discovered reading:

Foxes -

We must unite!

The time is upon us. Let us come together as one clan as in the olden days before the Dismal Abysmal. Though our beloved Fredrick has disappeared and forgotten his powers, we must help him.

He cannot enact the summoning without the proper accommodation.

We must build him a fort for his meditations down the Wicked Path.

In stealth and flow,

Felicity Fox


The Briefcase


Bright Knights Squad West

The Shard of Bad Memories

Ruby Rebel spots a mysterious rainbow spiraled log right by the Portal.  Underneath the log is .. a briefcase.  The briefcase holds cash, diamonds, all sorts of riches and.. plans to destroy the Bright Knights including Quasar?  This looks like the work of The Selector.  BlackHack must have hacked Bright Knights Cyber and got the coordinates on GoldRum and gave them to The Selector.  


The briefcase does not belong to us but based on safety and gameplay the group votes to keep it. 


From various clues the Knights work together, especially dealing with tree-etchings. They eventually find the 3 or the 4 ingredients for The Chalice.  


At the end of the day they visit the Castle. Something is amiss in the air.

The Fox Clan


Bright Knights Squad One

The Shard of Dead Flow

The Knights, having achieved some semblance of victory with The Elder and The Rock Clan, set their coordinates to Lunadora.  Lunadora, the planet where many BK heroics have taken place, seems as it ever was, just.. quieter.


Before the Aster Pages land on this planet Quasar's 417 ship lands.  As he scopes out the place, what looks like a small wolf runs by and ensnares the Master Key and heads toward the Wicked Path to the East.


The knights arrive and read a message from Jet Kendo that says that they are to find the Portal and enter 'The Shard of Dead Flow' and attempt to interact with the Fox Clan.  


Kendo states that the Fox Clan are strong with The Flow.  He says that we may see no Foxes when we are there - for they are so sleuth - but that we have already met one of the Fox Clan.  Kendo, however, cannot reveal who that is at this time. 


Neon Nylo finds the Master Key along the Wicked Path.  Taryn, taking the lead along with Fin F.C. finds someone farther down the path then the Knights had ever gone.  It is the fan favorite, the beloved and colorful Torber!


Torber is stoked to see the Knights and mentions he had seen the small wolf which is actually a fox (Thank You to our own Lone Wolf for helping figure this out) and he directs us to the Portal hidden within another portal along the Wicked Path.  The Knights then rescue their friends The Puzzler, Dusty, and Joey VIP. 


Finally they move to complete the UD (Unknown Dimension) Training and find a fairly stark warning of a poster showing that a hideous arachnid-type beast has been taking innocent Foxes and encouraging the Foxes to stay strong.


The Fate of Dooley


Bright Knights Squad West

The Shard of Bad Memories

A hearty crew assembles on Goldrum to find the portal to the Shard of Bad Memories.  They head through the portal and start to explore the terrain of the Unknown Dimension in search of their fate.


They head East to the Castle. It looks slightly different from the one on Goldrum. Near it, they find the happy-go-lucky buccaneer guide Dooley.  They convene and then hike westward to what Ennis is saying is his house from the past.  The Kobyashi - the mystical creatures of the Unknown Dimension - are out and about as they head up to the Pond of Perch, through the gates and over to the rocks waterfall.


At the rocks waterfall they receive a mysterious transmission from Rosser the great old leader of the wise old Owl Clan.  


Rosser says things are taking a serious turn as Dooley's fate is now at hand and he must find a Chalice hidden for him around the rock waterfall.

Ennis says "Angelo" the spirit of the rockfall knows the answer and through a combination of meditation, knocking and a mumbled foreign language, Ennis has divined that Angelo says look passed the path to the north. 


Once there Finder keeps us safe from some Kobyashi that aren't seeming too friendly.  Our new warrior Bonic, befriendeds Dooley and helps him look for the Chalice. Fenryn goes down, struck by something unknown.

The Elder


Bright Knights Squad One

The Hard-Luck Shard

On this final day heading to the Hard-Luck Shard the original Squad One assembles.  


Upon hiking up to the lookout, with the Shark Fin Mountains to the north and the Labyrinth to the south, Elf Deer spots a "Wanted: Dead or Alive" poster with a fearsome depiction of The Elder. 


As they head up the pass, a character in white begins shooting arrows down at them.  The group gets to safety and have a team meeting. It is determined that Flowraeb and Elf Deer will take the lead with Neon Nylo and Wolscar (aka 'Wolski' in the Unknown Dimension) on the flanks and Quasar in the back.  


They head up the mountain and looking east they see a blue saber pointing further east.  They see the character in white and begin playing the Melody of Rock: E E G E A A G E "Hey there Rock Clan, Let's Rock and Roll!", they sing. 


The character's hands start to rise when the song is played.  It is the Elder!  Finally.

The Elder offers 3 teachings. The Gauntlet, to teach mental and emotional strength and fortitude.  The Climb, for physical balance and toughness. Last but not least, The Hold, where the Knights must hold a somewhat heavy rock in each hand for :30 at least.  


The Elder gives some wisdom before the Knights rush back through the Portal.  They say "Thank You" to the Elder and he offers his assistance in the Unknown Dimension saying that he will visit another Shard should they need him.


Flow On Elder, Flow On.

Untitled design (14).png

Miss Strawberry Queen


Bright Knights Squad West

The Forgotten Shard


The crew celebrates Finder's Birthday with some cookies and you guessed it.. some berries!


Heading through the Portal they receive a transmission from Dooley saying to look near the Market for the songs they will need.


Ruby Rebel finds the envelope near the Market and 'Place of Books' and Squad West heads north only to see some signs from last week's Fruit Cup.  Quasar says he will read the results of the Fruit Cup which have been tabulated.


Controversy erupts as the Strawberry Sect had 111 points but lost out by 2 points due to two 7-point sportsmanship awards given to the Tangerine Team thereby giving them 113.  But neither StarStryker or Arcano are there to accept the Cup win.  And just then she appears... Miss Strawberry Queen!


Dressed in red with a Strawberry umbrella she storms in and takes the Fruit Cup from Quasar saying the Cup belongs to the Strawberries.  The Strawberry princesses cheer but the kids are quite taken aback by Ms. S. Queen's somewhat abrasive behaviour. 


Quasar as Field Judge decides there is only one solution -- More Fruit Cup!  Let the games begin.


Quasar jumps on the ukulele and the kids sing "All You Need Is Love". Sportsmanship and Inclusivity were on display from all the Bright Knights.  


After the award ceremony, Miss Strawberry Queen grabs the Fruit Cup from Raspberry Ruler's hands and takes off heading towards the Portal.  Quasar notices the Master Key has been placed in a different side pocket of his backpack.  Theories abound.


After coming out of the portal the kids see The Selector's ship.  He must have been looking for the portal.  The kids destroy the Selector's ship and leave the Berry clan in harmony.  Coordinates for the Owl Shard coming soon.

The Weather-Controlling Gems


Bright Knights Squad One

The Hard-Luck Shard


The Knights assemble on a hot day to continue the journey to find The Elder.


Once through the portal Wolscar aka Wolski sees someone dressed in Red making strange motions from afar.  The kids think it is Dooley.  The red character turns and runs and the Knights follow.


On the trail they come to find Dooley's backpack and various items including a red scarf.  Finally, with Black Fire in the lead, they catch up to the creature and it is a Young Dooley who had just been reportedly attacked by the Bad Rock Clan.


The team heads up above the bee fields for lunch and near one of the grand old trees Quasar finds a stain-glass held together by wire.  An artistic depiction of the splitting of the Shards.


Young Dooley debriefs the kids and says that the Bad Rock Clan has held the weather-controlling gems and that he knows where to find them.  The Puzzler - whom The Good Rock Clan think may be the chosen one - is in the lead.  


The kids find larger gems and smash them down to find the weather-controlling gems.  Perhaps now, if they can get these to the Elder, the high winds and high heat will simmer down. 


The Fruit Cup


Bright Knights Squad West

The Forgotten Shard


What could be in store for Squad West on this fine Saturday?


With a message saying to look near the 'Place of Books' the crew eventually find an envelope saying "Rules to the Fruit Cup".  


They head near the splash pad and Quasar begins reading aloud these rules.  Costumes are left for the kids to embody the Berry Clan.  And then.. Raspberry Ruler appears and boy is he ready to go!  Teams are divided up and the games include Harmony Healers, Archery Antics, Grapes of Math, and the Rabbit Run.


Fun and sportsmanship are had by all.  Results to be announced. 

High Winds


Bright Knights Squad One

The Hard-Luck Shard


On this day a large group represents Squad One and they are met by incredibly high winds atop the Mountain.


Dusty and Joey VIP (aka Joey RIP in the Unknown Dimension) go on a special mission to find the portal. 


They find Dooley in the Duane J. Cave and he carries word from The Elder of various challenges including building cairns, restoring the Labyrinth, and solving riddles.  


The kids hang on and make the best of this still sunny day.


Dooley's House


Bright Knights Squad West

The Forgotten Shard


Kawaii and Watcher join us on this day of training.


After going through the portal the kids explore the terrain of the Unknown Dimension with Black Goat aka Ennis and Scarlite on mapping duty.  


They split into 3 teams and move in tandem, sweeping the large field.  They find posts on the east side of the Shard indicating the Blackberry Brood family, The Band of Blueberries Family, The Strawberry Sect Family, and the Raspberry Race Family should be here.  The kids then see a small white peculiar house which they investigate. 


A backwards-sounding voice comes from within, "Hay, leave me house alone!"  


DayHopper goes to the door to find .. Dooley.  He is in a sort of hypnotized trance and the kids chant "Up, Wake!" to fit his backwards mind and snap him out of it and it (mostly) works. 


Dooley mentions the street his house used to be lined with all sorts of houses from all the Berry Clan but it is now just him.  We then paint his house and the kids write some beautiful and colorful messages like "Flow = Peace" and "All You Need Is Love".  


The day finishes with a meditation lead by Dooley which lands berries in front of the kids.  It seems each Berry Clan Family has chosen someone to represent them while they are absent. 

The Rock Clan


Bright Knights Squad One

The Hard-Luck Shard

A big group assembles to cross the threshold over to the Unknown Dimension. First they hike to the labyrinth and with some help from Jet Kendo find the Portal.


 Brau gets the leadership band and after walking out through the 'labyrinth' the kids get through the portal.  Now where is he... there he is.. it's Dooley!  Even more random and confused.. or are we the confused ones?  The new Golden Turtle somehow has found Flow Stones and can thankfully bring Dooley back to focus.

Archery practice and a trip to a colorful cave and colorful tower dot our day.  Silver Light finds lore regarding the Rock Clan who are connected through one musical note.  Their leader the Elder is somewhere to be found.  Stay tuned.


The Portal!


Bright Knights Squad West

The Forgotten Shard

What a team has assembled on this day.  The newly-minted Vallians DayHopper joins the crew.  The kids move about the market looking for signs of the Portal.  Finally in the distance they spot it.


Closing their eyes and with a whooshing sound the Bright Knights finally cross the portal threshold.  


And of course, whistling backwards down the street.. it is Dooley!


Dooley brings in two new potential Knights who help us crush the game. The kids then find notes which lead them to Lore from the Berry Clan.  A harmonious giving group.. but where are they?


At the end of the day heroics from Scarlite and Black Goat top off the day.

The Labyrinth


Bright Knights Squad One

The Hard-Luck Shard


Quasar is joined by DT-4A, Neon Nylo, Flowraeb, Joey VIP, Dusty, Black Fire and The Puzzler.  The kids are in for some hiking on this day to find a 'labyrinth' which looks like a spiral of nooks, crannies, and caves.


Squad One also finds Dooley on this shard just outside the Unknown Dimension. Is he here to help them find the portal?  They have the Master Key and are ready!


Amid the riddles, backwards/forwards talk and trying to ground Dooley, Black Fire makes a great point - 1 hour to us may be 1 year to Dooley in the Unknown Dimension.


The Knights sight many crows, Raven's servants, and many of the Knights claim to see Shadowmatics in the distance. Then by the huge Shark-Fin rock faces, Dooley spots...another Dooley!?  A second Dooley with black clothes and red hair is hiking.  The group watches in disbelief.


At the end of class Dooley disappears but the team again sees the second Dooley in the distance.


Meeting Dooley


Bright Knights Squad West

The Forgotten Shard


Backwards, forwards, upside-down, everything is fluid, or is it solid, in the Unknown Dimension.  


The peace warriors assemble on this beautiful day with coordinates from the High Council.  Training takes place and then moving across the park they see something.. he is wearing black and has red hair and a top hat.. The Bright Knights split into 3 teams and cautiously but optimistically engage the new character who eventually tells them his name is Dooley.


Dooley shows himself as a friend and begins telling us a bit about hte Unknown Dimension. He seems to be in a whirlwind of confusion, switching all the Knights names and thinking that it is either one year from now or last week. He indicates that the portal is here somewhere.. it moves though.. North, West, South, East.. and it has something to do with the market.  The Bright Knights find a plethora of random fruits and vegetables around the grounds but do not find the portal!

Training Day


Bright Knights Squad One & West


What a day!  Scheduled as a comprehensive training for members of Squad West, Squad One, and Flight Squad by Quelin Quasar and the High Council, this day had no shortage of curveballs, fastballs, and even a knuckleball.


The Squad hikes up into the woods to do some sabre training.  Excellent skill was shown by all and the group received wisdom from the new Aster Page Purple Dragon Fire, who explains "{fencing} is like a dance."


They get an aerial confirmation from Jet Kendo that the Oracle is indeed on the planet is near the Field of Truth Quasar decides not miss this opportunity, an interaction with the Oracle is a rarity. 


As the crew reach the destination where the Oracle was reported to be, the kids sight Shadowmatics.  Then....six Shadowmatics attack us from downslope!!  BATTLE!  Although the young Knights-to-be had various levels of training, they fight valiantly.  Quasar calls for a retreat and the group begins to work as a team to plan a counter-attack. 


Finally thanks to the strategic help of Ruby Rebel, Neon Nylo, and Silver Light the draw up a plan. 


The team heads towards the Field of Truth. As they arrive they spot the Oracle.  He seemed to be awaiting the Knights' arrival. The Master Key is handed over to Fenryn, who passes the key to Quasar. 


The team moves out to the Field of Truth with the Oracle.  Across the field, 2 small black figures appear on each side of the steps of a white tower.  They take a knee and bow. Then, she whose-name-all-in-Omnia-fear appears on the steps. It's the Raven.


The Raven, after a frosty exchange with Quasar, mind-controls him and takes the key.  From all sides of the field Shadowmatics appear and another battle breaks out!  As things look dire for the Knights, a strange and mysterious creature runs onto the field carrying a giant green clock. He yells "STOP!!!", instantly all Shadow characters freeze.. but only for 30 seconds.  It is the Time-Keeper from the Unknown Dimension!  He buys us enough time to escape the battle.


Once over to a beautiful valley the Time-Keeper tells us of the Dismal Abysmal Event. He says it is of no use for us to come to the Unknown Dimension.  An explosion of sort took place and split the dimension into 6 shards. He is not hopeful that it can be saved.  The kids encourage the Time-Keeper to see the light.  We all sit down for a meditation from the Oracle himself who, along with words from the brilliant young Aster Pages, calms the nerves of the Time-Keeper.

Untitled design (12).png

Escape from Geminos


Bright Knights Squad One


In the wake of Smythe's passing into the sword, the Bright Knights try to get off the planet of Geminos but must bettle not one, but two fierce Faythons! They lose the first battle, win the second and then, with the help of Jet Kendo, they make it back to space. 

Special props to Taryn for his bravery in battle. Amazing Teamwork!

Achieving the Master Key


Bright Knights Squad West

The Unknown Dimension

On this day, Day Hopper, Fenryn, Black Goat, Finder, Otamus and DinoSmash get through the Blue Room that is The Oracle's mind and with the help of Lady Aoife get through puzzles and then answer the Oracle's riddles to finally tune in the 7 Keys to achieve the Master Key. The Master Key which opens The Unknown Dimension...

A big congratulations to Day Hopper who has advanced to a Vallians!

image0 (3).jpeg

The Faythons



Bright Knights Squad One



As the Bright Knights mourn Smythe and ponder the mystery that occurred the prior week they get reports that there are giant snakes on Geminos.  They receive transmission from Jet Kendo who is hovering over the planet and tells them to go to checkpoint 1 past the Immunity Tree.  There they find a mysterious set of numbers on a red triangle.  Neon Nylo, Flowraeb, Brau, Silver Light, Fin F.C. and Taryn head to the High Point and discover a mysterious V/F-shape and a Key Code.


It is then that they look out from the High Point and spot.. the Alien!  Although wanting to fight, Quasar quells their aggressive spirit and asks Neon Nylo to negotiate peace.  "Raise 1 hand for Yes, 2 hands for No!" they call out to the Alien.  


A cat and mouse game ensues where the budding Knights continue to pick up the clues left behind by the signaling Alien.  Silver Light is our dutiful decoder.  The red triangle story  starts nice, as the Alien race introduces themselves as "Faythons" who are "friends", but ends up telling the Knights they are being cursed and mind-controlled by a process called "Faything".  


At last Quasar confronts the Alien only to experience a taste of "Faything".  At this time Kendo sends transmission that Geminos is full of Faythons and to run.  The Knights eventually, sweating, get back to the Immunity Tree and find a physical transmission left at the Immunity Tree by Jet Kendo.  


The day finishes when BK Squad One hear through the transmitter an Alien voice rapidly spouting numbers and the voice of The Oracle both on the transmitter.  They vote that they probably were never hearing from Jet Kendo the whole time.

The Sword of Smythe


Bright Knights Squad West


DayHopper, Finder, Dino Smash, and Otamus meet the redeemed Crash Moonbender on Prisma.  As Crash tells the tale of StarStryker retrieving the 7th Key and holds up the 7 keys for the knights to see, a Shadowmatic sprints in and grabs the camo bag with all 7 keys!  A sabre fight breaks out between the gallant DayHopper and the Shadowmatic.  The Shadowmatic retreats into Prisma with the keys.  


Squad West sets out to retake the keys that they worked so hard for so long to achieve.  Ready to battle anything that gets in their way.  The Knights procure a document from Shadowmatic X addressed to Raven, Exile and The Selector spelling out doom for Prisma by way of manipulating the 7th Key!


At the Ruins the showdown finally occurs with each Knight getting a shot to battle the Shadowmatic.  Finally Dino Smash gets a hit on the Shadowmatic thereby having him drop the Keys!


At the end of the day they go into a meditation and just then a beleaguered Quasar stumbles onto the Ruins platform carrying the Sword of Smythe!  Squad One came through on Geminos and got Quasar the Sword at which time all the Shadowmatics fled and The Oracle was set free.


The Knights have won the day and the planet!  Alas, the contents of the camo bag carrying the keys are put forth and .. the 7th key.. is .. missing.

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Untitled design (11)_edited.jpg

Abernathy Smythe


Bright Knights Squad One


The Knights gather and Wolscar reveals gifts before his and Elfie's departure. The gifts include a portal blaster. The Knights head to the High Point and meet Neon Nylo and Flowraeb. They search the High Point for signs of Abernathy Smythe. They look out over the lands of Geminos and see someone moving in the western woods. They head down to find Smythe, acting quite forgetful. Smythe eventually gives them the story of his life and how he wanted to train in the Bright Knights Way but was cursed to the system of Geminos. He warns of big-eyed Alien creatures around the lands.


The Aster Pages and Smythe again go through the emotional machinations of trusting each other. The kids pass the arch challenge, scaling a tree arch and grabbing certain gems that Smythe could not get because of his curse. They give the gems to Smythe and his life's mission is nearing complete. From the prophecy, Smythe decides to give his whole life to The Flow and he goes toward the sea to finish the mission alone.  Smythe's essence goes through the tiger eye gems and he goes into the sword. On the journey back, the Knights see the alien! It is now up to Quasar to fly in the 417 to get the Sword of Smythe to BK West Squad

Commander StarStryker


Bright Knights Squad West


On this day the Knights bid a temporary adieu to their trusted and beloved Kyle StarStryker. They receive a message from Jet Kendo that The Oracle is again MISSING! The Knights scale through the Prisma River finding a crashed ship and then in one of the Shadowmatics fire-pits they come across... Crash Moonbender! The reunion is rad as little Finder is stoked to find his old pal.


The crew hikes up to the Shadow Path and a sad but hopeful soliloquy takes place by Quelin Quasar as he abandons his team in search of facing the Shadowmatics leader. The team votes after Quasar's departure and StarStryker is voted in as commander. Crash, Finder and the strong DT-4A follow StarStryker's leadership down the Shadow Path to follow Quasar. Quasar sees the group and is not himself he curses them to turn back. Later the crew pushes on only to hear audio whistling through the canyon: "The Shadowmatics will rule".


On the way out they saw a vicious skull-faced Shadowmatic. They track the Shadowmatic cautiously. They find Lady Aoife and she brings hope and a map of the Shadowmatics plans to trap her! Eventually they find Quasar's backpack. Somehow the Shadowmatic doubled back behind them. At the ruins the showdown takes place with The Shadowmatic giving a low barking sound and he yells out "No Peace!" as the kids plan to stop the Shadomwatics ritual. StarStryker bravely moves in and finds.. the 7th KEY! White and iridescent. The Shadowmatic stalks the crew until StarStryker defends the group. What a day.


The Moon of Geminos


Bright Knights Squad One

Geminos - Moon Nos

BK Squad One meets on the Moon Nos of the planet Geminos for an exciting and windy day overlooking the bubbling sea of Nos. The Knights hike down to see what they can see after finding various gems on the cliffs.


They eventually find an old bearded character with odd glasses and a leather coat working on blacksmithing a sword. It is revealed to be the one and only Abernathy Smythe.

Smythe barters wtih the knights and directs the kids to help him find assortments of gems. Smythe and the Knights stick together and learn about each other's missions as they traverse the beautiful seascapes of Nos. Turns out, Smythe has been cursed to remain on the Geminos system. The Knights tell him they need a weapon made of Geminos Gems for the Knights of Squad West to defeat the Shadow.

The Shadowmatics