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Bright Knights
Sacred Archives

Welcome, Bright Knights! 

Welcome to the sacred archives. It is a place we can document and reflect upon our great Adventures and accomplishments on each planet. Sometimes our friends and allies around Omnia report back to us with sightings and clues to help us complete our missions. That secret information will be shared here for Bright Knights eyes only!

Bright Knights Shine! Forever.


Escape from Geminos


Bright Knights Squad One


In the wake of Smythe's passing into the sword, the Bright Knights try to get off the planet of Geminos but must bettle not one, but two fierce Faythons! They lose the first battle, win the second and then, with the help of Jet Kendo, they make it back to space. 

Special props to Taryn for his bravery in battle. Amazing Teamwork!

The Unknown Dimension


Bright Knights Squad West

The Unknown Dimension

On this day, Day Hopper, Fenryn, Black Goat, Finder, Otamus and DinoSmash get through the Blue Room that is The Oracle's mind and with the help of Lady Aoife get through puzzles and then answer the Oracle's riddles to finally tune in the 7 Keys to achieve the Master Key. The Master Key which opens The Unknown Dimension...

A big congratulations to Day Hopper who has advanced to a Vallians!

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Bright Knights Squad One



As the Bright Knights mourn Smythe and ponder the mystery that occurred the prior week they get reports that there are giant snakes on Geminos.  They receive transmission from Jet Kendo who is hovering over the planet and tells them to go to checkpoint 1 past the Immunity Tree.  There they find a mysterious set of numbers on a red triangle.  Neon Nylo, Flowraeb, Brau, Silver Light, Fin F.C. and Taryn head to the High Point and discover a mysterious V/F-shape and a Key Code.


It is then that they look out from the High Point and spot.. the Alien!  Although wanting to fight, Quasar quells their aggressive spirit and asks Neon Nylo to negotiate peace.  "Raise 1 hand for Yes, 2 hands for No!" they call out to the Alien.  


A cat and mouse game ensues where the budding Knights continue to pick up the clues left behind by the signaling Alien.  Silver Light is our dutiful decoder.  The red triangle story  starts nice, as the Alien race introduces themselves as "Faythons" who are "friends", but ends up telling the Knights they are being cursed and mind-controlled by a process called "Faything".  


At last Quasar confronts the Alien only to experience a taste of "Faything".  At this time Kendo sends transmission that Geminos is full of Faythons and to run.  The Knights eventually, sweating, get back to the Immunity Tree and find a physical transmission left at the Immunity Tree by Jet Kendo.  


The day finishes when BK Squad One hear through the transmitter an Alien voice rapidly spouting numbers and the voice of The Oracle both on the transmitter.  They vote that they probably were never hearing from Jet Kendo the whole time.


Bright Knights Squad One


DayHopper, Finder, Dino Smash, and Otamus meet the redeemed Crash Moonbender on Prisma.  As Crash tells the tale of StarStryker retrieving the 7th Key and holds up the 7 keys for the knights to see, a Shadowmatic sprints in and grabs the camo bag with all 7 keys!  A sabre fight breaks out between the gallant DayHopper and the Shadowmatic.  The Shadowmatic retreats into Prisma with the keys.  


Squad West sets out to retake the keys that they worked so hard for so long to achieve.  Ready to battle anything that gets in their way.  The Knights procure a document from Shadowmatic X addressed to Raven, Exile and The Selector spelling out doom for Prisma by way of manipulating the 7th Key!


At the Ruins the showdown finally occurs with each Knight getting a shot to battle the Shadowmatic.  Finally Dino Smash gets a hit on the Shadowmatic thereby having him drop the Keys!


At the end of the day they go into a meditation and just then a beleaguered Quasar stumbles onto the Ruins platform carrying the Sword of Smythe!  Squad One came through on Geminos and got Quasar the Sword at which time all the Shadowmatics fled and The Oracle was set free.


The Knights have won the day and the planet!  Alas, the contents of the camo bag carrying the keys are put forth and .. the 7th key.. is .. missing.

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Abernathy Smythe


Bright Knights Squad One


The Knights gather and Wolscar reveals gifts before his and Elfie's departure. The gifts include a portal blaster. The Knights head to the High Point and meet Neon Nylo and Flowraeb. They search the High Point for signs of Abernathy Smythe. They look out over the lands of Geminos and see someone moving in the western woods. They head down to find Smythe, acting quite forgetful. Smythe eventually gives them the story of his life and how he wanted to train in the Bright Knights Way but was cursed to the system of Geminos. He warns of big-eyed Alien creatures around the lands.


The Aster Pages and Smythe again go through the emotional machinations of trusting each other. The kids pass the arch challenge, scaling a tree arch and grabbing certain gems that Smythe could not get because of his curse. They give the gems to Smythe and his life's mission is nearing complete. From the prophecy, Smythe decides to give his whole life to The Flow and he goes toward the sea to finish the mission alone.  Smythe's essence goes through the tiger eye gems and he goes into the sword. On the journey back, the Knights see the alien! It is now up to Quasar to fly in the 417 to get the Sword of Smythe to BK West Squad

Commander StarStryker


Bright Knights Squad West


On this day the Knights bid a temporary adieu to their trusted and beloved Kyle StarStryker. They receive a message from Jet Kendo that The Oracle is again MISSING! The Knights scale through the Prisma River finding a crashed ship and then in one of the Shadowmatics fire-pits they come across... Crash Moonbender! The reunion is rad as little Finder is stoked to find his old pal.


The crew hikes up to the Shadow Path and a sad but hopeful soliloquy takes place by Quelin Quasar as he abandons his team in search of facing the Shadowmatics leader. The team votes after Quasar's departure and StarStryker is voted in as commander. Crash, Finder and the strong DT-4A follow StarStryker's leadership down the Shadow Path to follow Quasar. Quasar sees the group and is not himself he curses them to turn back. Later the crew pushes on only to hear audio whistling through the canyon: "The Shadowmatics will rule".


On the way out they saw a vicious skull-faced Shadowmatic. They track the Shadowmatic cautiously. They find Lady Aoife and she brings hope and a map of the Shadowmatics plans to trap her! Eventually they find Quasar's backpack. Somehow the Shadowmatic doubled back behind them. At the ruins the showdown takes place with The Shadowmatic giving a low barking sound and he yells out "No Peace!" as the kids plan to stop the Shadomwatics ritual. StarStryker bravely moves in and finds.. the 7th KEY! White and iridescent. The Shadowmatic stalks the crew until StarStryker defends the group. What a day.


The Moon of Geminos


Bright Knights Squad One

Geminos - Moon Nos

BK Squad One meets on the Moon Nos of the planet Geminos for an exciting and windy day overlooking the bubbling sea of Nos. The Knights hike down to see what they can see after finding various gems on the cliffs.


They eventually find an old bearded character with odd glasses and a leather coat working on blacksmithing a sword. It is revealed to be the one and only Abernathy Smythe.

Smythe barters wtih the knights and directs the kids to help him find assortments of gems. Smythe and the Knights stick together and learn about each other's missions as they traverse the beautiful seascapes of Nos. Turns out, Smythe has been cursed to remain on the Geminos system. The Knights tell him they need a weapon made of Geminos Gems for the Knights of Squad West to defeat the Shadow.

The Shadowmatics


Bright Knights Squad West

Planet Prisma

The plot starts to thicken as the impending battle is pitched as the War FOR Prisma heats up. The knights hike up north of the ruins to find a hideout with a prism and various vials and what looks to be more frozen Prismatics.


As we hike the ridge we see a character half dressed in white and half dressed in black. We finally catch him and Finder courageously meets the being torn between Light and Shadow. Prismatic AB is torn half-way between the Shadow and Light. 

 As Prismatic AB's father, Prismatic B, faces the Shadow Path, the knights go in to see if he is okay and are met by Shadowmatic 12. Prismatic B has been lost to the shadow and has transformed into Shadowmatic 12.

Blue Lightning faces Shadowmatic 12 and takes him down. The Knights get out of dodge before more Shadowmatics descend. 


Journey to Geminos


Bright Knights Squad One


Squad One has received a plea for help from the Knights of Squad West. They have asked them to scout the mysterious planet of Geminos for sacred gems that they intend to use to defeat the Shadow on Planet Prisma. 

Squad One steps up to the challenge and journey to Geminos. Geminos is known for it's trickery and illusions, so they must be clever if they are to find the sacred gems.

The knights scout and look for clues as to the whereabouts of the sacred gems.

Back to Prisma


Bright Knights Squad West

Planet Prisma

The Knights of Squad West are back on the Planet of Prisma. They discover that Shadow has taken over the planet and they must act quickly!

To defeat the Shadow, they need sacred gems to make a powerful weapon. The gems can only be found on the mysterious and dangerous Planet of Geminos.


The knights decide that they must stay on Planet Prisma to help the Prismatic Peoples, so they send a transmission to Squad One to scout Geminos for the sacred gems.


A Message from Day Hopper to Squad One


Bright Knights Squad One


This just in! We have just recieved this transmission from Day Hopper of Squad West....

"We need the ancient core crystals to defeat the Shadow. Please Squad 1 - Bright them back from Geminos!"

Good luck on your mission Squad 1 - the fate of Squad West rests in your hands.

Take down Exile! - Lunadora Final


Bright Knights Squad One


Squad one pays entrance to the Lunadora Market Place with a colored feather. The kids meet The Specialist sent from the BK High Council her highness Aoife. She flew to Crimonsia just prior to this but her real reason for manifesting is to assist with the conflict on Lunadora and the appearance and rise of the dark ghost Exile.


 The Knights look up into the Lunadorian Mountains and see what looks like Exile! Torber prepares a potion to help the knights 'see the other side' and Aoife shows us her powers as she can see through space, time, matter, and can even reportedly "See" The Flow Itself!


She has a vision of Exile at a house with a young lady who is "good". The kids realize it is Keller's House and although they are ready to go battle, Quasar calms them and tells them to stick together.


They approach Keller's House and they see Jane Torber suspended as if handcuffed in mid air by dark energy. Torber and Jane call out to each other. Exile appears and Quasar steps up. Exile knocks Quasar down without touching him. Wolscar bravely but without command attempts to battle Exile. Neon Nylo makes a grand run around the outside as Exile is distracted and frees Jane!


The Knights escape down the mountain-side to hide in silence while Exile passes them by. With Jane united back with her father, Torber announces he will be handing over Lunadora to his brave and strong daughter. The two cry and embrace.


At that moment, the knights hear a small yelp form the bushes, "Quasar!" the voice says. Quasar leaps across the river and through the brush to find none but young DayHopper carrying dragon shields and swords!


They all head back to the Market. Just then Exile appears holding Lady Aoife hostage. Quasar yells "duck!!" and then fires two Love Arrows in Exile's direction. Exile falls back. He holds up The Ball of Light saying that once he figures out how to harness its power he will be more powerful than any being in Omnia, even Raven and WindWar!

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The Red Key - Crimsonia Final


Bright Knights Squad West


The Bright Knights gain entry to the Crimsonian Market! At the market the Knights meet the strange and curious Dr. Heinrich Schmitty who makes potions. They play games vs. Crimsor and Lady Rouge and meet the ethereal angel-medium from the BK High Council, Aoife. 


It comes time to face the Crimsonia's Arachnid Issue. Aoife has a vision as the Knights go into Sitting-Ready. She touches her horn and sees that the 5 red rings earned by the Knights must be assembled at the mouth of the Crimsonian River.


The Knights follow her vision and head over to the River. Princess Galea adorns the rings and senses Arachnid energy from the sky. The Knights spot Crimsor far off from the South. As they approach Crimsor, he vanishes and heaps of spiders remain where he was standing! The Bright Knights converse with Meadow who reports seeing a HUGE Spider!


The BKs spot the huge spider in the distance and head back across Crimsonia. The Knights make their advance and finally they come face to face with Crimsor, Lady Rouge and the King Spider! Crimsor and Lady Rouge bow to King Spider.


The battle is on and King Spider attacks, knocking Quasar back on the 1st attack with 3 of it's legs. Meadow takes a Love Arrow shot! DT and StarStryker engage with little result. The BK's throw the red rings back towards Crimsor. Eventually King Spider's shows a sign of weakness and Finder who wields the Ancient Crimsonian Blade gets a hit on King Spider's Heart. The Knights reach-into the heart and pull the Red Key out of the constraints of Heart Control! The red key represents Love and once in the BK's possession Crimsor returns to himself and realizes he doesn't need to control others to be loved.


Crimsor and Lady Rouge express their eternal thanks and debt to the Bright Knights for their help as King Spider lies on the Crimsonian dirt.

The Ball of Light


Bright Knights Squad One


The Crew assembles at their home base of Lunadora. Elf Deer spots a light-up sign that says, "Exile is Near" about 75 feet away and up the mountain side.


The heroes also recover a version of Eva's mask which Wolscar and Meadow put on...curiously the mask fits Meadow quite well.


The Crew heads up towards Torber's Mansion and receives a transmission from Jet Kendo which says the kids will need colored feathers for entry into the market next week. We collect colored Lunadorian gold-tipped Hut (bird) feathers.


We find a walkie talkie with eerie noises and a chord. At Keller's House a loud, intimidating growl had occurred putting some fear into the Knights. We rallied and approached slowly only to find... Torber! Quasar then sees what he thinks to be Exile the dark ghost. Sounds, visions seem to come into the Knight's screen. 


Fin FC and Elfdie take a side path to the stream and the knights find a glowing egg by Exile's etched name in the wood. The egg seems to be negative Flow energy with baby Balls of Light in some goo. It looks alive. 


The Ancient Blade


Bright Knights Squad West


We received a note from Crimsor with an ancient code and a video transmission from him and Lady Rouge saying to decode the ancient code and to find the ancient Crimsonian blade to help with the Arachnid problem.


We found some spiders, two dice along the river, and a light ring, which looked like a mix between Reddead and a pumpkin which Otamus took.


We trained and looked for clues. Kendo sent us a transmission asking us to take the Crimsonian River Run. We found more spiders and in the brush we found some paper that helped us decode Crimsor's artifact. Eventually the Knights decode it entirely! It simply said "Tunnel" - so we journeyed to one of the tunnel's under the bridge by Crimsor's office. The Aster Pages found the blade buried deep in the tunnel and worked together to get the mud off of it.


DayHopper then took the blade under Quasar's direction.

A Message from Crimsor


Bright Knights Squad West


Crimsor has sent us a message as a plea for help! He has asked of our help to find an ancient Crimsonian sword. We have also made another recent discovery...it's an ancient Crimsonian artifact which seems to hold a code that may help us on our mission to find the sword...

Together, we will decode the artifact and find the sword!



Exile is Watching!


Bright Knights Squad One


The Knights further Assemble! More Knights join the group and pass their initial obstacle course and saber train and find themselves with awesome names! The Knights meet Meadow and Wolscar is the 1st to welcome her to Lunadora and shake her hand. They take the Wicked Path and see a colored message that "Exile is Watching"!!!! They then train and assign names and head to the path tucking behind the bridge by the water. There they find a gem, a blue egg, and a picture of Torber's Mansion with a scary ghost figure which we devise is Exile! 

The Spider Ring


Bright Knights Squad West


The Knights reconvene with Meadow. They find spiders around Crimsonia. They train and talk about what course of action to take. Eventually they come face to face again with Crimsor and StarStryker presents the 'unbreakable shield'. Crimsor seems mostly pleased and hands over the 5th red ring which is a Spider Ring! The Knights feel they have something being held over their head but accept this ring. About 20 min. later the Knights notice that Crimsor has on a more sparkly legit Spider Ring! Eventually after various games and about 6 major attacks by spider's on Quasar, healed by DayHopper and Gems, Quasar invites Crimsor for a little meditation circle. Crimsor finally gets vulnerable and admits they have an arachnid problem and are needing help. Even StarStryker seems swayed by Crimsor's genuine approach.


The Search for Torber


Bright Knights Squad One


BK Squad One are graced with help from Fight Squad's DT-4A. They also have the welcome addition of Joey VIP. After getting acquainted the Knights start looking for Torber.


Right before they reach Keller's by the burned out tree, they get attacked by who they find out to be Torber. Torber thought the knights were attaching him by mistake.


The knights and Torber get aquantied and make new discoveries.

The Spider


Bright Knights Squad West


The Knights continue their adventure on Planet Crimsonia. As the Knights search for Clover 7, they meet a new character, Meadow, who agrees to help the knights in their search.


They get a transmission from Kendo who writes them a warning: "Who is the Spider?"


Meanwhile, Crimsor asks the knights to build him an unbreakable shield to earn the 5th red ring.


The Letter


Bright Knights Squad One



The new Aster Pages prepare for more training and strive to solve a key mystery. The Bright Knights find a letter under the foundation of Mr. Keller's house. 


In the letter, they learn new information about Torber and the history of Lunadora. They learn that Torber's wife is a ghost and that it was their daughter, Jane Torber, who wrote the letter.


Beware The Shadow!

The Red Rings


Bright Knights Squad West


The budding Knights return to Crimsonia having completed several tasks for the all-ruling Crimsor. They search high and low for Crimsor.  Crimsor finally shows! He is pleased that the Knights have completed tasks for him and gifts them a red ring.  We are still unsure what the significance of the rings are.


Crimsor tries to take the Gold Key from Quasar and is stopped by Star Stryker. The Knights do a Tree Run and earn another red ring.


We now have three red rings...what could they be for?


A New Mission


Bright Knights Squad One


Attention Bright Knights! Quasar has temporarily left the planet of Crimsonia in search of help! He has found four new Bright Knights who are currently on a side quest on the distant planet of Lunadora. 

FlowRaeb, Neon Nylo, Wolscar, and Elf Deer have discovered a message from the Oracle. Wolscar decodes it - the message tells them to complete their Bright Knights Level 1 training and to protect Torbur's mansion from the Shadow...

Crimsor's Feast


Bright Knights Squad West


The Bright Knights on Crimsonia are making new discoveries! We crossed paths with the mighty Crimsor - who invited the Bright Knights to a grand feast. 

At the feast we discovered the food presented in the shape of a division sign. Crimsor wears the same symbol around his neck.

Crimsor tries to persuade the Knights to join his planet. The Knights are divided on whether or not they can trust him...he has a red wand that we have theorized is used for Heart Control.


Oracle Sighting!


Bright Knights Squad West

This just in! The Oracle has been sighted on none other than the peaceful color planet of Prisma. But what is the reason for his return to Prisma? We cannot be sure.