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Our Mission

At the Arise & Shine Center we are taking education to the next level by empowering kids with mindfulness, life lessons, and life skills.  We teach polestars (virtues and ideals) and their practical application.  Our teaching isn’t just about imparting information.  We focus on Centering, which sets the stage for learning and then we proceed from there with Presence and Connection.  Our teachings are built for the journey and school of life. 


We often see substantial results in short periods of time.


Our mission is to help kids become Life Champions through Centering.


The Centering Curriculum is based on authentic presence, bridge building, appeal to timeless principles and practice of social-emotional and life skills.  We teach kids to dream and think independently and outside the box, to honor yourself, all while staying grounded.  From breathing techniques to eye contact, we connect to our Self, others, and the world.


The Arise and Shine Center keeps what has worked in ‘regular’ school and charter school models, and discards what has not.  We focus on the new emerging metric of well-being and life-long happiness and growth.  

Kids Meditating at the Arise & Shine Meditation Session
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At the Arise & Shine Center WE:

  • Practice and experience authentic presence

  • Learn life lessons 

  • Learn and practice life skills

  • Learn virtues and principles and practice them in class and in life

  • Practice inclusivity, esp. in Share Circle where everyone can speak and be heard and hear others

  • Study traditional academics

  • Show respect and compassion for all living creatures

  • Learn to problem-solve and execute right action

  • Ground: be rooted and wield critical thinking

  • Dream: practice open-mindedness and engage limitless imagination

  • Have awesome fun

  • Learn to Meditate and Center.  WE Arise.. and Shine!!

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