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Private Tutoring, Classes and Play Pod

Private Tutoring

Private Tutoring with the Arise & Shine Center offers excellent support for your child social-emotionally and academically.  Arise & Shine Center tutoring is a combination of guidance, mentoring, and life coaching.  Tutoring is booked online and socially-distanced in person and sessions usually last 1 - 2 hours depending on the need.

Arise & Shine's Tutoring Program
Play Pod
Kid playing in tree during Arise & Shine's Play Pod

PLAY POD - Fun in the Sun, and some learning too!

Our Play Pod involves activities from soccer to a sharing circle which also includes creative free play. Play Pod takes place at Clover Park in Santa Monica. We start at the hanging tree right to the right of the entrance to the parking lot and we go from there. Please pack snacks, water, sunscreen if necessary, etc.

Sports Class

AROUND THE SPORTS WORLD - Sports talk for Kids!

A class teaching kids about sports in a welcoming environment Saturday mornings by Zoom 9:00am PT. Learn stats, speaking, and sportsmanship in the discussion of the current games and stories of the players and teams in the major sports. Join our friendly predictions spreadsheet.

Teacher Jimmy at the Around the Sports World Class offered by Arise & Shine
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