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Summer Classes & Offerings

Join the adventure this Summer at Will Rogers State Park! Bright Knights Adventure is an immersive engagement in the storyline of Omnia. Bright Knights is all about teamwork, train, solve mysteries and find clues to defend all that is good and right. Check out our Bright Knights Page for more information! 

Bright Knights Adventure




Private Tutoring

Jimmy's one-on-one tutoring is designed to help your child with their specific needs. Our teachers specialize in social-emotional support, life coaching and mentoring, academic support, and guidance for children who are struggling with social connection and making friends. Tutoring is offered online or in person depending on your preference. 


Guitar Lessons

Offered in person or online, Jimmy helps young musicians learn proper playing technique, how to read music, song writing and supporting those who are ready to record in the studio. Before the first lesson, we will evaluate your child's ability level and goals so that each lesson helps them to reach their full potential. 


Bright Knights Cyber

Bright Knights Cyber occurs through Zoom so that anyone, no matter how far away can participate. Bright Knights Cyber follows an adventure storyline, kids get in character, work as a team, solve puzzles and make friends! We have participants joining in from around the country. 



Bright Knights Adults Group

For the first time ever, we are offering an Adults group! Bright Knights is a curated immersive gameplay group. We will have exercises designed to ease everyone into the character play. The gameplay will have mysteries and the team will work together to solve them!

July 20th, 27th & August 3rd


Adult & Parent Workshops

JULY: Grounding Workshop - Learn, share and meditate with this supportive group as we journey together to find a firmer, foundational, loving ground

AUGUST: Compassion Workshop - This workshop is all about working with kids and peers in groups. This workshop will help build connection and equip you with tools to communicate effectively in any situation from a place of compassion.

July 18th, 25th & August 1st

August 6th, 13th & 20th

Sign up for a Class!


Send an email to Berklie at

with your intended program(s) in the subject line or email body and any questions you have.


We will then send you the available dates and times for the program you want and you choose the one(s) that will best fit into your schedule!


You will then pay in advance for your dates and times to hold your spot. Payments can be made via Venmo, Cash, or Check


Then, show up for your program and send your kids off to enjoy the day to learn life skills, use their imagination and have a ton of fun! 

To book your spot, please email Berklie at