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Arise Shine Center Offerings


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ASC Mentoring

Arise Shine Center Mentoring is one-to-one teacher-student learning which is based on Presence and Connection.  ASC Mentoring honors each individual student with where they are at.  ASC Teachers, trained with certification in the ASC Teacher Training, approach each child with warmth and care, and also social-emotional guidance aimed at being successful in real life.  ASC Mentoring can include academic pursuit yet will always exist foremost as life learning aimed at getting along with Self, others, and the world and empowering each student to live their best.


Bright Knights

Bright Knights

Bright Knights is an immersive, creative guided play class in the way of the Hero's Journey.  Students are their own characters and experience basic meditation, martial arts, and sabre training.  Students have ever-engaging trials, missions, and mysteries to solve.  The Bright Knights exist in the galaxy of 'Omnia' and 'fight for what is good and right' although always doing their best to make peace first.  Different teacher-actors play a wide array of both ancient and futuristic characters.  Teamwork and fun are accentuated.  BK is supported by the ASC Curriculum.

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ASC Curriculum

The Arise Shine Center Curriculum is a playbook for kids and families which includes Polestars (virtues, principles) and their accompanying life skills.  ASC Curriculum includes the ASC Teacher Training, Centering Program, Grounding Workshop for Adults.  It is a mindfulness-based, holistic, foundational approach to life-long learning which benefits students holistically and social-emotionally.  The ASC Curriculum includes life skills and life lessons.

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