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How to Book!



Send an email to Berklie at

with your intended program(s) in the subject line or email body and any questions you have.


We will then send you the available dates and times for the program you want and you choose the one(s) that will best fit into your schedule!


You will then pay in advance for your dates and times to hold your spot. Payments can be made via Venmo, Cash, or Check


Then, show up for your program and send your kids off to enjoy the day to learn life skills, use their imagination and have a ton of fun! 

To book your spot, please email Berklie at

Spring Classes & Offerings




Arise & Shine Curriculum 

Looking for an all-around boost and support for your child?


Jimmy's unique Arise & Shine Curriculum allows you to work each week with your child in your own time. The Arise & Shine program is incredibly enriching and will help your child:

  • Boost their mindfulness game

  • Acquire and hone in their life skills

  • Learn to ground and center themselves

  • And let their imagination soar!


The Arise & Shine Program features all of these benefits as well as social-emotional support. The program is designed to span across 15 weeks with a new virtue / life lesson at the core of each week's lesson.

Arise & Shine Program

For Teachers & Schools*:

Please Inquire for Pricing

Arise & Shine Program

For Families*:

Please Inquire for Pricing


Bright Knights

| Adventure: Saturdays from 1pm-4pm |

| Malibu: Sundays from 1pm-4pm | 

| Cyber: Thursdays from 4pm-5pm |

We are excited to announce that Bright Knights is expanding to Malibu! You don't want to miss out on this awesome class. Bright Knights is like being in a movie. Students play their own character, they have training and trials to complete, and there is a running storyline. 


Bright Knights is a creative free play class that is run by Teacher Jimmy and Mr. G.  Bright Knights is all about character-building, leadership, teamwork, embodying virtues, gathering clues and solving mysteries; meditating, learning to be a life champion through the gameplay, and most of all FUN! 


Bright Knights Adventure

Happening Saturdays 1pm-4pm Bright Knights Adventure is an immersive engagement in the storyline of Omnia. We travel to different planets (various west LA parks), solve mysteries, and battle the shadow! Take a look at our Bright Knights Page for more information! 


Bright Knights Malibu

 Classes on Sundays 1pm-4pm, This Fall we are so excited to bring Bright Knights to Malibu!  The class will encompass all the fun from BK Adventure but with a new immersive story line in the world of Omnia.  The class will be held at various parks and locations in Malibu.

BK Omnia Oracle.png

Bright Knights

Bright Knights Online occurs through Zoom  so that anyone, no matter how far away can participate. Bright Knights Cyber keeps the adventure alive for kids who also participate in person! We have students from around the country! Experience the Bright Knights magic at Cyber!


*We also offer sibling and packaged discounts! Inquire when booking your sessions). Email Berklie by using the buttons above to book your spot (see our booking process).

Bright Knights Adventure*:

$85 per class

Bright Knights Malibu*:

$85 per class

Bright Knights Cyber*:

$30 per class

Six-Class Pack*:


  • 6 Classes

  • Free Access to Cyber

  • End of Semester Video

  • 10% off other Arise & Shine services

  • Sibling Discounts


Corral Canyon
Jan. 16th - Feb. 20th

Feb. 27th - Apr. 3rd

Apr. 24th - May. 29th

Six-Class Packs*:


  • 6 Classes

  • Free Access to Cyber

  • End of Semester Video

  • 10% off other Arise & Shine services

  • Sibling Discounts


Virginia Park
Jan. 16th - Feb. 19th

Feb. 26th - Apr. 2nd

Apr. 23rd - May. 28th

Private Tutoring

Private Tutoring with the Arise & Shine Center offers excellent support for your child social-emotionally and academically.  


Arise & Shine Center tutoring is a combination of guidance, mentoring, and life coaching.  Tutoring is booked online and socially-distanced in person and sessions usually last 1 - 2 hours depending on the need.

Jimmy and Thomas.png

Private Tutoring*

$85 per hour

*Private tutoring is booked to fit your schedule. Please download our calendar here to see available times in Yellow. Email Berklie by using the button below to book your spot (see our booking process).