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Bright Knights Lore

Stories, clues, and mission details!

Spring 24 BK missions-1.png
Spring 24 BK missions-2.png

Transmission received; replicated from Quasar's ship the 417 below. 
Calling all Bright Knights decoder specialists for our next missions.

Yemigha Rote (1).png
Map of Omnia with Kynnderage characters-2_edited.jpg

Original Map of Omnia

The above is an updated version of the 2020-2021 hand-drawn poster by Jimmy of the Map of Omnia.  Since this Map our Universe (Omnia is Latin for 'Universe') has expanded or perhaps, been further revealed.

Can you name any of these planets?  Can you name The Unknown Dimension characters in the upper right, each representing a shard of Kynnderage?  Can you find Quasar's ship - The 417?

Many images generated with the help of AI.

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