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Bright knights

You have questions? We have answers!

Read on to learn a bit more about Bright Knights and be sure to email us if you'd like to know more.

Brights Knights Meditating

 What safety precautions do you take on adventures? 

Every adventure will have at least one adult who is fully certified in CPR/First Aid for both children and adults (we are in the process of getting all staff certified). The lead instructor carries a fully stocked first aid kit at all times.


We take safety very seriously. We discuss rules and expectations before every adventure and emphasize that our #1 goal is to keep everyone safe.

 What typically happens on an adventure? 

While each adventure is unique, they all follow a general flow that ensures each class is fun, safe, and jam-packed with life lessons. We start with a pep talk where we discuss rules, introduce new Knights, and form a game plan. From there, we go "Game On" and get into character, so we can start our adventure! We follow clues, explore, and collaborate with one another to solve mysteries and interact with the story. On each mission, we practice mindfulness, nurture connections, and perform training exercises that may include anything from basic martial arts moves and breathing exercises to team-building activities and dance parties. Depending on the mission, we may also play games, do art projects, or conquer obstacle courses. No matter what the plan is, we always have fun, connect and honor one another, and learn something new.

 What can my child expect for their first adventure? 

  • The lead instructor will ensure that new students feel safe and welcome with a friendly greeting and some casual questions, so they can get to know each other. It is our goal to make your child feel safe, included, and accepted from the moment they join our adventure, and we make sure they know that they can dive into Bright Knights in whatever way they feel most comfortable. Generally speaking, if a child can come to class with an open mind and a plan to go-with-the-flow, they’ll catch on and find their place quickly. 


  • At the beginning of every session, your child can expect to go over a “Mission Brief,” where we go over general gameplay, expectations, safety rules, and the mission details. Prior to adventure day, you will receive more information on the adventure’s storyline, so your child knows a bit more about what to expect.


  • Once we go “Game On,” new students will be encouraged to complete a simple obstacle course and participate in a “Naming Ceremony,” where they’ll choose a character name and persona (this can be as casual or as imaginative as your child wants it to be). 

 My child is shy and/or nervous… is Bright Knights for them? 

Yes, your child is in the right place! With an emphasis on social emotional learning, Bright Knights strives to cultivate a sense of belonging and inclusion for all children, whether they’re shy, quiet, outgoing, or boisterous. We want each Bright Knight to feel comfortable being their most authentic self and trust that they are celebrated exactly as they are. Visit our testimonials page to read more about individual experiences. 



 What should my child bring with them on adventure day? 

1. Hiking attire (clothing kids can get messy in)

2. Closed toed shoes

3. Backpack

4. Water bottle

5. Snack / lunch

6. Sunscreen (as needed)

7. Umbrella, coat, and rain boots (as needed)

8. As little or as many accessories and costumes as the kids can comfortably hike in


Please ensure kids can be responsible for their own items. Teachers will be carrying their own supplies and may not be able to carry extra items.



 Can parents join the adventure? 

Parents are always welcome, but we encourage kids to join us independently. Heads up - if you do join us, you may be assigned a character role! 

 What ages are best for Bright Knights? 

It depends on the child, but usually most groups range from 5 - 12 years old. Four year olds are welcome depending on their ability to keep up with the hike, and children above 12 may join if they embody the Bright Knights spirit and are open to imaginative play.


We love having a wide range of ages on BK adventures! Older children often find themselves in mentor positions, and younger children love learning and playing with the older kids. It's a win-win! 


 Is Bright Knights for any gender? 

Absolutely! Any child can be a Bright Knight. We encourage any child with a taste for adventure and mystery to join in the fun. 

 How do you teach mindfulness on adventures? 

Besides modeling the mindfulness learned in our signature Ariser Teacher Training Program, we discuss presence and awareness in discussions, activities, and guided meditations. On adventures, we pause often to practice connecting to the environment with all of our senses, perform emotional check-ins, and do body scans. We also emphasize our connection to others, the environment, and our authentic selves via Bright Knights’ storylines and missions.


 What if my child misses a class? 

One class per session can be made up within 4 months of purchase - preferably at the following session. See our terms and conditions for more information.


 What is your refund policy?   

We understand that life can be unpredictable. If you can’t attend a purchased class, you may roll it into the next session (as indicated in our terms and conditions). If an emergency undermines your ability to use classes, we will try to accommodate your needs, but we cannot make guarantees.


Cancellations within 48 hours are non-refundable.

 What is your rain policy? 

If light rain is in the forecast, we will go out as planned. We keep a close eye on the local forecasts and will notify families via email if we recommend bringing umbrellas, rain gear etc.


Classes canceled due to weather are rescheduled for after the last class of the session. Details will be worked out as-needed and communicated via email.


 How do you resolve conflict between children on adventures? 

Besides being clear about codes of conduct and expectations, we model self-regulation, treating each other with respect, and consider conflict an opportunity to learn and grow. We focus on non-violent communication, active listening, compassion, and shame-free acknowledgment of all emotions in order to diffuse difficult situations and show kids that conflict is a normal part of life that can be resolved with heartfelt connection and compassion. While most conflict can be settled within gameplay, we may go ‘game-off’ to address conflict more directly, so that everyone feels safe, heard, and understood. 



 What other services do you offer? 

We have quite a large range of services to offer including one-on-one mentoring, Bright Knights Cyber, summer camp, special single-day events, songwriting workshops and mentoring, music theory, and guitar lessons. Contact us for more information.



 What kind of training do BK teachers have? 

In addition to CPR/First Aid training, each teacher goes through our signature Ariser Teacher Training Program - a heart-based education program that emphasizes presence, mindfulness, and connection. Upon finishing our program, teachers are empowered to facilitate learning inside and outside the classroom, build bridges between individuals, and manage larger groups to cultivate an ideal learning environment. We believe that when the students and teachers are centered, present and connected, everyone is learning - even the teacher! To learn more visit our Ariser Teacher Training Program page.


 How do you teach leadership on adventures? 

We believe everyone has leadership qualities inside them. While some naturally tap into the ability, others need to nurture and cultivate it through experimenting with it. At Bright Knights we encourage all kids to periodically step into leadership roles in order to learn how to navigate and understand the needs of the self vs. the needs of the group, grapple with the nuances of logic vs. feeling, and think through if/then scenarios. We believe that leaders are not ‘better than’ but are part of a whole, and that good leadership considers the whole group and ensures all voices are heard and valued.

 Still have questions? 

Please email us at - we'd love to hear from you! 

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