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Bright Knights Training Day 2023


Join us for BK Training Day 2023 at Topanga State Park on Sunday, January 29th from 2:00 - 5:00pm.  All are welcome to this one day class.  It is a great first class for those interested in Bright Knights.  Cost is $75 for the day with a sibling discount of $60 for the day.  Please email to sign up and you will receive a link to the waiver if you have not already signed it.  



Kids are encouraged to bring:

  • water

  • a snack

  • sunscreen

  • a backpack



Kynnderage, the Unknown Dimension, place of wonder where time twists and turns, gets small, gets fast, pauses, and stretches out.  The Bright Knights make their final push to help the Owls, Bees, Foxes, Plants, Berries, and Rocks restore harmony.  There is a plan, but all minds and hearts are needed and we will train to prepare for the denouement. 

Training includes standing ready (rudimentary martial arts), sabre ready (rudimentary fencing), and sitting ready (meditation.  For what to expect overall click over to the Bright Knights page.



Enter at the gate to the Trippet Ranch parking lot, we will gather at the trailhead next to the bathrooms at the far end of the parking lot.  See below.

Topanga State Park

20828 Entrada Road, Topanga

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